NetSpend Refund Time- Know More


Net Spend is a prepaid card provider that provides an alternative to checking accounts, credit cards, and cash. Customers provide the corporation with their names and addresses, and they receive customized cards in the mail, which they activate and fill with money. MasterCard and Visa are the companies in charge of the cards. Net spend is one of the most popular prepaid debit card and corporate card suppliers in the United States. A Net spends card can be used for online and in-store shopping, as well as ATM withdrawals, bill payments, and cashback offers. Let’s know more about NetSpend Refund Time.

NetSpend Refund Time

NetSpend Refund

Regrettably, Net Spend is not always a trustworthy service. There are some times where charges will be deducted from your account in error and returns will have to be made. In this article, we will deal with those returns and how long it takes to process. But, we can’t deal with Net Spend return time without dealing with their return policy so we will treat that one first. If you know you use Net Spend, it will be advisable for you to read on.

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Net Spend Refund Policy

Merchant Refunds

Merchant refunds can be deposited directly into a Net spend card by Net spend prepaid debit cardholders. If you opt to cancel or close your Net spend card, you can also get a check refund for the remaining balance. If you buy something with your Net spend prepaid debit card and then return it or are otherwise eligible for a refund, the money will be refunded to your Net spend card.

 Net spend has no control over when the merchant transmits the refund transaction, so the processing time may vary. It’s possible that there will be a delay between when you request a return or a refund and when the money is credited back to your card. If you have any issues regarding a refund that is currently being processed, you should contact the company that is processing the refund.

Refunds for Account Closure

If you close your Net spend account, the company will reimburse your card balance if it is greater than $1. Net spend customer care can be reached to let them know you’ll be cancelling your account. After that, Net spend will send you a refund check. 

Net spend waives the $5.95 check requisite fee if the refund process would lead your account balance to go below $1. Your refund check will show the balance of your account minus $5.95. The check will be mailed to the address on file with Net spend, and the procedure usually takes three weeks. 

If you don’t use your prepaid card on a regular basis, Net Spend will charge you an inactive fee and this can not be refunded.

When Can You Get Your Refund

We can not really say there is a specific time for getting your Refunds at Net Spend but the allowable waiting time will be 21 days because it will take like 10 days and more before Net Spend finish processing of payments so you can wait till that period.

How Can You Get Your Refund

Whether or not you will receive your refund is highly dependent on the reason for your request. You won’t have to worry about losing your return because it operates just like a prepaid debit card.

You have many choices if you want to deal with Net Spend directly or report a problem with your card: 

  1. Contact Nets Spend customer care department.
  2. Contact Net Spend Over the Phone: If you wish to terminate your account on your own, calling Net Spend over the phone is probably the most expedient approach. To do so, follow these steps: Call for more information. You can follow through these steps;
  1. Describe your problem.
  2. Make a refund request.
  3. If you’re phoning Nest Spend  to cancel your account, fight the impulse to stay with the firm as they try to entice you with fresh offers to make you reconsider your decision. You can ask them to give you a check for the remaining funds on your card, or you can withdraw the funds yourself at an ATM. Both of these solutions are not free. The price for a check is $5.95.
  1. You can also write a letter, To do so Copy the most recent statement from Net Spend and attach it to the letter Set a ten-day deadline for them to respond to the letter.


There are times when Net Spend will have issues and we will need to get refunds. As long as you have a good reason for it, you will be refunded but it may take a while and the maximum days is 21 days. Net Spend has no liability whatsoever for any merchant Refunds so keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Can I get a refund on my card?

If it’s not below $1, you can get a refund check.

Question 2

How long does Net Spend take to process refunds?

Approximately 10 days.

NetSpend Refund Time- Know More

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