Persil Detergent Review- Find More About It

Detergent is a staple in every household. A detergent keeps the clothes clean while keeping them healthy and hygienic. Choosing the perfect detergent can be challenging. Persil is a very popular detergent brand. If you wish to buy Persil detergent but are confused about it, then read this review to have all your questions answered. Let’s learn about ‘Persil Detergent Review’.

Persil Detergent Review

Persil Detergent Review

Persil is a German detergent brand. Due to its popularity, it is found all over the globe through Unilever’s distribution channels. Founded 115 years ago, the detergent has gained popularity over the years, making it permanent in many households around the globe. The reviews of the persil detergent are always positive. The customers are very much satisfied with the service, and this article is going to be an explanation about the same. 

What are Persil Detergent Variants?

Like other detergents on the market, Persil has many variants. Some of them include:

  • Persil Liquid Detergent
  • Persil Detergent Pods
  • Persil Detergent Powder
  • Persil Proclean
  • Persil Detergent Review

Persil detergent is reviewed based upon the following characteristics. For each characteristic, the detergent is rated out of five.

Cleanliness Power

Persil is a heavy-duty detergent. When tested on a dirty load, the detergent was able to clean the clothes effectively and efficiently. The detergent can clean grease, mud, sweat, and colored stains. Thereby passing the cleanliness power test.

Rating 5/5

Maintaining Color

Another important function and sign of a good detergent is its ability to maintain colors. No one likes their favorite top to fade away. A good detergent can help laundry last longer. When tested against bright colors Persil maintains bright colors.

Rating 4.5/5

White Clothes and Brightness

White clothes are the most tricky to wash. They are also the best tests to determine the quality of a detergent. Good detergents maintain the whiteness of white clothes and make them brighter in the process. When used on white, Persil maintains the white color and adds much-needed brightness to the clothes. This makes it pass the test.


There is nothing more satisfying in this world than the smell of fresh laundry. Fragrance plays an integral part in making laundry feel fresh. Persil has a great floral smell that lasts long all day. It’s perfect if you work outdoors. The detergent passes the fragrance test with flying colors.

Rating 5/5

Rinsing Ability

A good detergent should be able to rinse away with plain water. No one wants soapy residue on their clothes. Persil does not leave any residue on the clothes. Considering increasing water prices, you wouldn’t want to rinse your laundry again and again. Persil passes the rinse-away test as it gets off clothes with one rinse cycle.


A good detergent is accessible. After all, you cannot use a detergent if you never get your hands on it. Persil is a widely available detergent; it can be found in retail aisles around the globe. On the other hand, it can also be found in online retail stores. 

Rating 4/5


Price is very important when considering a detergent. Since detergent is a staple commodity, it needs to be affordable. Persil falls in the range of medium-priced range detergents. On an average Persil costs between $8-15.

Rating 5/5

Machine Compatibility

A good detergent should not harm the washing machine. Cheap laundry detergents can leave residue in the washing machine. This can cause the life of the washing machine to decrease to a great extent. The Persil detergent does not leave any residue behind in the washing machine. This passes this test, making it a good laundry choice.

Rating 5/5

Hardness of Water

Water quality differs from region to region. Any good detergent should have the ability to work efficiently and effectively in all types of water. Hard water, in particular, makes it difficult to wash clothes. Persil detergent due to its unique composition can clean clothes effectively in hard water as well.

Rating 5/5

Fabric Softness

Fabric softness is very important. Washing over time can weaken the clothes strands, making them harsh and coarse. Good detergents maintain the softness of clothes so that you do not have to buy extra fabric softeners. The Peril detergent keeps the clothes soft even after many washes hence making it a good choice.

Rating 5/5

Overall Performance

Persil performs well in all detergent tests. This makes it a good detergent choice for many. Considering all the ratings, the detergent will have the following rating.

Overall rating: 4.8/5

The overall rating of Persil detergent is high. This indicates the good quality of the detergent. Considering its good performance indicators, you might want to buy Persil detergent on your next grocery trip of yours. 


Detergents can make or break the laundry cycle. It is very important to buy the right detergent to maintain the health of your clothes and washing machine. Persil is a very popular detergent brand. If you are confused about its quality then this review is for you so that you can make a rational decision. Buy your detergent today to wash those dirty clothes.

Persil Detergent Review- Find More About It

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