Why Always Naked Cashmere?- Read More About It

The fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world with over two trillion dollars generated globally. Each brand crafts its unique style because fashion has a way of telling stories, displaying the mood and feelings of the individual. But amidst this great variety in the fashion industry, one particular brand stands out because of the comfort and feeling it gives its users and that is Naked Cashmere. Do you visualize an individual without clothes when you hear the word naked cashmere? A clearer understanding of it will give you valid reasons why you should use them. In this article, we will see about ‘Why Always Naked Cashmere?’.

Why Always Naked Cashmere?

Why Always Naked Cashmere?

Naked Cashmere believes in thinking unique and different from the normal. They challenge the status quo by making beautiful, luxurious, simple, and natural clothes that give the feeling of being naked and free even when you are well dressed. Nowadays most fashionist prefer clothes made from a natural material, that is why Naked cashmere use wool from animal-hair fiber to produce clothes.

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Brief History

Naked cashmere was founded in 2016 by Bruce and Leslie Gifford. Although the pair have been in business for quite some time before making it the direct-to-customer channel for 360 Sweater Company LLC. Ever since then, it has enjoyed tremendous success and growth as guaranteed by its loyal customers.

Why Buy from Naked Cashmere?

As someone who loves simple but quality clothes that make you stand out, there are various reasons you should consider when choosing a brand to buy clothes from. And the truth is that Naked cashmere meets those requirements which are:

  • Unisex
  • Price
  • Quality

1. Unisex

Naked Cashmere offers luxury clothes for both males and females. Although, the womenswear seems to be more stocked than the menswear. Products for the female include pants, bras, tops, cardigans, and sweaters. There are also matching sets for females like the Giselle Bralette and Claudette shorts which have been among the best sellers for the brand.

The male collections contain amazing designs of Joggers, t=shirt, sweaters, and pullovers. These pieces of stuff are elegantly designed for both indoor and outdoor activities.

2. Cost

Judging from the quality of the design, I imagine that you might be thinking that getting a Naked Cashmere clothe will be way out of your budget. But if my imagination is right then sorry you might be wrong here, because prices are far cheaper like 100% cheaper than those of other reputable brands for the same piece of an item made from 100% virgin cashmere.

3. Quality

An integral part of the Naked Cashmere value system is the quality attached to its designs. The clothes are always comfortable, soft, and fit nicely on users.

Can I Return the Clothes if Needed?

The correct answer to this question is YES. There is a return policy for goods purchased as long as it does not exceed the 14 days period after delivery, but for people living in the United State, it’s a bit easier since all they have to do is just visit ruturns.nakedcashmere.com and follow the simple steps to initiate a return.


Based on the discussion so far, we have come to an understanding that Naked Cashmere is a luxury clothing company that satisfy their customer taste with designs made from natural animal-hair fiber. The quality for both men’s and women’s wear is top-notch with the best competitive rate ever in this industry. Why not try them out yourself and join the thousands with positive reviews after they purchased. 

  1. How do I buy from Naked cashmere?

Purchasing here is pretty easy straightforward, first, you need to visit their online store at www.nakedcashmere.com and select the items that is most appealing to you and move to buy the item. Secondly, you can also reach them via email, live chat, and their telephone number if you need help with making a purchase.

  1. How do they source the material for production?

Naked Cashmere gets its raw materials from herders that make use of shearing techniques that are non-harmful, and they achieve this by shearing the goats at a time when favorable for them not during the winter period. But since there is a question of sustainability when it comes to farm products ,it always buys the whole harvest from the herders irrespective of the fluctuation in quality so that both parties always benefit maximumly. 

  1. Who is the founder of Naked Cashmere?

Naked Cashmere was founded by Bruce and Leslie Gifford. They have both been in the cashmere trading business for over two decades before deciding to establish the brand known as Naked cashmere.

  1. How do I identify a quality Cashmere?

In the fashion industry today, many brands try to imitate cashmere clothes, making it difficult for users to identify quality cashmere. But what will help you in identifying the real cashmere? Firstly, it has to be soft and mild to the skin when worn. Secondly, the fluffiness should be around 1mm – 2mm. etc.

Why Always Naked Cashmere?- Read More About It

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