Why Is Amazon Prime Delivery Taking So Long?

Amazon prime is a part of Amazon. The difference is only that amazon is unpaid and amazon prime has a paid subscription. It gives its customers some extra benefits than the amazon app. It includes many offers and discounts as well as some special privileges for the prime customers. Here comes most asked question by the customer Why Is Amazon Prime Delivery Taking So Long?

Why Is Amazon Prime Delivery Taking So Long?

As you know it is a paid service offered by Amazon to get some special privileges to the customers. It includes various benefits like fast delivery, discounts, cashback, and unlimited benefits. Some of these special services include:

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  • Free fast delivery unlimited: it guarantees its customers a fast delivery that is in one or two days only. There are no delivery charges also. It is free. But it is on selective items. It will deliver the fastest delivery possible.
  • Prime video: when we have the membership of amazon prime then we can watch the latest movies and series free of cost.
  • Prime music: it provides you with the latest songs that are ad-free and you can download them free.
  • Gaming with prime: you can get access to absolutely free gaming and you have access to the paid features inside the games.
  • Prime reading: you can read anything free of cost.

These are some special features that amazon prime promises to do.

Now it has been seen that amazon’s 2-day delivery has turned to 5-day or 7-day delivery. Its service which it promises is not fulfilling. This problem has been seen by many customers.

What is the reason behind late delivery for prime members?

  • The amazon policy of delivering orders within 2-days has been turned to 5-days or 7-days. One reason is that so many people have subscribed to amazon in these past years. The prime customers have increased at a very vast level. 
  • The other reason is that some orders are more important and prioritized than others. That’s the reason that some customers get late orders than others. It’s still a part of amazons membership to provide 2-day shipping to its members.
  • These years, at the time of the pandemic, amazon is lacking in fulfilling its policy because of the lacked resources in these tough times and couldn’t keep up with the demands. At the time of coronavirus, it was giving priority to essential orders first.

Amazon explanation to late orders delivered:

  • Sometimes, the product is out of stock and we are not able to ship that order, so the customer will automatically get orders late.
  • It says that the policy of 2 days starts when the order is shipped not when the item is ordered.
  • When sometimes an order is not available to amazon then it has to pick up from another seller. All the items that are on amazon prime are not all available to the store.

Some other reasons for late delivery are: –

After the pandemic Amazon prime has started giving priority to the most useful products a fast delivery, due to this some members have to face the problem of delivery taking long. Amazon has classified the following products as important for fast delivery are:

  • Baby products
  • Health and household-related products
  • Beauty and personal care products
  • Grocery items
  • Scientific and industrial related goods
  • Pet supplies.

What will happen if the product is not delivered at a given date?

Amazon tries its best from its side to deliver the product at the right times. Due to some reasons if it fails to deliver the product at a guaranteed date then amazon is fully responsible for refunding the amount. But sometimes if the amazon prime order is delivered within 24-48 hours of delivery taking long, then the refund should be not done in some cases.

How can we get fast delivery on amazon prime?

Here are the options for how can you get fast delivery:

  • Go to orders and find your order
  • Click to “change shipping speed”
  • Click to “select date and time”
  • Then select the appropriate date that suits you
  • Then click to confirm.

The amazon dates that it gives for delivery are 95% accurate and correct. Many times, the order is delivered before the delivery time. That was just an estimate for delivering your orders and amazon is still trying to fulfill its policy of 2-day delivery. It is due to some serious reasons that it becomes late. But Amazon provides a proper refund policy for the late delivered orders.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. Does amazon prime get rid of providing a 2-day delivery service?

No, that’s not true. Amazon does not get rid of its 2-day delivery policy. It still promises its prime customers the offer of delivering goods in two days. Due to amazon’s prioritization of some essential goods, delivery takes time.

  1. Does amazon prime have changed?

Amazon has no change in its policies. Amazon has increased the price for membership both monthly and yearly.

  1. Do we can save money with amazon prime?

Yes, you can save your money through membership. It is all because it offers its members free delivery and many other benefits which complete the money that is charged in membership.

Why Is Amazon Prime Delivery Taking So Long?

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