Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Refills- Read More About It

If you want to fill your house with sweet, long-lasting fragrances, Bath and Body Works provides the finest wallflowers fragrance refills. These Wallflowers fragrance refills basically function as an alternative to plug-in air fresheners, dispensing fresh scents around your house that linger for a long time. Let us know more detail about ‘Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Refills’.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Refills

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Refills

These refills, which are made with essential oils and aromas such as eucalyptus, lilac, mahogany, cotton, and others, have recently become quite popular. Let us dive deeper into what these refills are and how they work.

How to use Wallflowers Fragrance Refills from Bath and Body Works?

It is very easy to use one of these Wallflowers fragrance refills from Bath and Body Works. Here is how you can start making your house feel fresh:

  • Go to your nearest Bath and Body Works or head to their online store to find a Wallflowers plug and a refill.
  • You need to first find your Wallflowers plug. Choose one that complements your interior, is appropriate for the season, or sticks out from the rest of your house. Bath and Body Works has Wallflowers Scent Control Plugs. You only plug it in and select from three intensity degrees (low, medium, and high) to suit the room it is in. The plugs include an in-built safety mechanism and will shut off automatically if they overheat. Not only are these scent plugs aesthetically appealing, but some also include a built-in night light.
  • After you have bought a Wallflowers plug, select a Wallflowers fragrance refill. There is a fragrance plug-in for every feeling and event, from fresh to flowery, woodsy to fruity. It may be difficult to choose from so many options, but you can choose the one that best fits your preferences.
  • The Wallflowers refill emits a pleasant and long-lasting aroma that you may enjoy every time you enter the room where the plug is located. 

What scents are available? 

Customers may select from a variety of scents to make their home seem fresh and different every time. If you are only a lover of one scent, you can continue to purchase it. Customers can try the following Wallflowers fragrance refills:

  • Strawberry Pound Cake: Smells like fresh strawberries, golden shortcake, and whipped cream.
  • Laundry Day: Gives whiff of fresh air, crisp eucalyptus, and delicate lavender.
  • White Tea and Sage: Smells like shimmering bergamot, white tea, and warm sage.
  • Fresh Cut Lilacs: Lilac bouquets, moist greens, and soft spring air are its fragrance notes.
  • Rainforest Gardenia: Gives whiff of elegant white gardenia, sweet apple water, bamboo, and white woods.
  • Linen and Lavender: Its fragrance notes include fresh linen, lavender sea salt, and warm air breeze.
  • Rose Water and Ivy: Smells like soft rose petals, Rain-Kissed Ivy, and spring musk.

How much do Bath and Body Works Wallflower Fragrance refills cost? 

Customers may get these Wallflowers refills at any Bath & Body Works location or online. They should cost approximately $7.50, whereas Wallflower fragrance plugs should cost around $12.50-$14.50. Bath and Body Works has sales all year, so you can get several of these wallflowers refills for half the price! Keep an eye out for Christmas discounts, semiannual sales, and other year-end bargains. You can sign up to receive Bath and Body Works’ email notifications to stay informed about the latest items and deals.

How long do Wallflowers Fragrance Refills last? 

A Wallflowers refill should last around a month to six weeks. When the refill is about to finish, the liquid within will begin to lessen, which is your cue to buy a new refill.

The Wallflowers fragrance control or plugs generally last two years. It lasts approximately a month on low, a month on medium (the default mode), and less than a month on high.

Where to place the Wallflowers Fragrance Refill?

The refill is best suited for spaces like a bathroom as the smell will be very prominent. However, if you put it in an open area or a big room like the living room or kitchen, it might not be as effective.


Bath and Body Works is known for its beautifully scented and long-lasting Wallflowers Fragrance Refills. It offers diverse scents, ranging from fresh to fruit, so there is something that can suit everyone’s preferences. You can buy these refills at reasonable prices online or in-store, or you can wait for yearly sales to buy them at extremely cheap prices. Although these refills must be replaced every month, they are worthwhile because they leave your home smelling of your favorite scent. 

  • How much do Wallflowers refills cost? 

They cost around $7.50. You can get them for cheaper during sales.

  • Can I order Wallflowers refills online? 

Yes, they are available to buy on the Bath and Body Works site.

  • Are Wallflowers plug and refills sold together? 

No, they are sold separately at Bath and Body Works. 

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Refills- Read More About It

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