Philippine Consulate Houston – Know More

  There is different information about the Philippine Consulate in Houston, United States. One thing is vital which is verifiable information. 

Philippine Consulate Houston

The basic information you need to know when trying to locate the Philippine Consulate in Houston, United States, and the Philippine General Consulate in Houston, administered by the embassy in Washington, D.C is highlighted in the second paragraph of this article.

Philippine Consulate Houston Location and Contact details

The Philippine General Consulate, Jerrell Santos is easily located at this residential address- 9990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 100N, Houston, TX 77042 in the united states. You can contact through Philippine Consulate General on these:- (+1) (832) 668 539, (+1) (713) 492 0469, (346) 293-8773. Do note that office hours are strictly by appointment.

Other contact information of the Philippine General Consulate, (He/ She is their connection to the Philippine Consulate in Huston). For E-mails and Messages, contact the Philippine General consulate at or To contact the Philippine Consulate in Houston or the Philippine General Consulate in Houston, via the website. Use 

To contact its Facebook social media page, use the website For questions on office functioning hours, do contact to find out about opening hours and call on days that are on public holidays. Aside from the Philippine Consulate General in Houston, there are 13 Philippine Representatives situated in different locations involved in the activities of the Philippines Consulate in Houston. They include an embassy in Washington, D.C., and different consultants located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Honolulu, Juneau, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Articulation and representation

For ambassadors and diplomats from the United States in the Philippines, there are two, an embassy in Manila and a Consulate Agency in Cebu. The Philippine Consulate General in Houston is one of the 266 Philippine tactful/ diplomats abroad, part of the 1818 foreign representation in the  States, and part of the 87 Foreign Articulations in Houston.

There are Philippine Articulations in their different neighborhoods like in Canada, Mexico, and US Virgin Islands. In some other popular countries, the Articulated Representatives’ are Riyadh, Embassy, Jeddah, Consulate General in Osaka, Consulate General in Hong Kong, Consulate General, and Chennai, Consulate General. The prominent representations in Houston are The Consulate General in Mexico, The Consulate General in Honduras, The Consulate General in Spain, The Consulate General in Guatemala, and The Trade Office in Canada.

All personnel, Articulations, Trade Offices, and consulate Generals are in charge of championing the betterment of the Philippine Consulate. They all ensure the proper dissemination of verified information. 

Issuance of passport

The Philippine Consulate General is in charge of the issuance, processing, screening, and scanning of electronic passports After passport evaluation, he/she sends the evaluated passport to the Foreign Affairs Department (Manila) for proper issuance and printing. The issuing and processing of a passport are approximately 6-8 weeks before getting to the intended applicant. 

How can i get a passport from a philippine consulate?

There are different ways to get a passport, all you need to figure out is how to make an electronic passport. The hit question should be “How do I meet up with the requirements for an electronic passport?”

The following are the important requirements to be fulfilled:-

1. Do well to appear in person as this enquires proper verification and shows the seriousness of the applicant. This also gives access to first-hand information.

2. Do set up an appointment.

3. Do not bring a passport photograph to the fact the requirement for taking pictures is that you take your pictures at the Consulate.

4. Decent dressings are the requirements. So be appropriate, if possible, dress corporately.

5. Eyeglasses, piercings, contact lenses, chains, earrings, and other unnecessary attachments to the face should be rid of before the capturing of the face.

Requirement for new passport application

Some of the requirements to fulfil for getting a new passport under different situations include these:-

1. Schedule a passport appointment at to receive a date and confirmation e-mail letter by 

2. Confirm the confirmation e-mail letter and print out any attached document to the mail.

3. If you are given birth in The Philippines birth certificates will be handed out by the Statistics Authority Of the Philippines / Philippine Statistics Authority. The certificate will be requested and authorized before sending it to the applicant through Mails.

4. If birthed abroad, an original photocopy of the date of birth is issued. You can request the Philippine Statistics Authority birth certificate.

5. Additional Information can be requested based on peculiar circumstances like Marriage.

Issuance of new passport as a result of change in name

Under the following procedures, can a person legally issue a new passport following a name change?.

1. Marriage situation: The newly married can request a passport due to the change in status of the officiated name.

2. Surname changes: This affects the children in most cases and is a result of a change in surname due to parents’ marriage. However, the legitimacy of name is vitally needed.

3. Adoption: When adopted into another family, it automatically breeds room for a new change of name.

4. Death: In cases of death, one may choose to change the name back to the Maiden’s name or any preferred name.

5. Divorce: Due to cases of divorce, you are licensable to change or to request a change of name.

6. Judicial ordering: You can be ordered by the Philippine court of law 


 In conclusion, using the information gathered in this article, you can successfully get yourself a place in the Philippine Consulate in helping in the successful issuance of a passport. You can now worry less about how to contact the Philippine Consulate in Houston.


How can i get a philippine statistics authority certificate without a birth record?

Contact the Philippine Consulate in Houston on their Facebook or email address.

What republican act is change of name permitted?

The Republican Act of 9048.

Philippine Consulate Houston – Know More

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