Are Dunlop Golf Clubs Good?


Dunlop has a long and distinguished history of providing a variety of clubs, balls, and equipment, despite not always being seen as one of the best names in golf. Dunlop is a golf company renowned for providing golf equipment.

Are Dunlop Golf Clubs Good?

It can be seen from their rich history that they have been in the game for a long time, taking the top spot in several major British events.

Recently with many competitors in the market, one might wonder whether Dunlop golf clubs are still good today?

Are Dunlop Golf Clubs Good?

Dunlop golf clubs are still good, and cheap when compared to the likes of Nike and Adidas. They are best for golfers who are just starting out or for those who don’t visit the course very frequently. It’s crucial to note that other SRI brands like Srixon, Cleveland, and XXIO have surpassed Dunlop Sports in terms of producing clubs. However, they are still a decent option for newcomers.

Why Are Dunlop Golf Clubs Good?

While there are some bad reviews recently about Dunlop Golf clubs, they still have their perks. Here are some of the benefits of using Dunlop golf clubs, why they are good, and which class of golf players is the best. 

  • Best clubs for beginners:Looking for quality is key. Dunlop’s John Daly Lion and Attack lines are complete sets and come with titanium drivers and hybrid irons, making them acceptable beginner clubs.
  • They come with quality golf balls: The golf balls are made up of a low-standard rubber core and a hard outer-casing, and they are much harder. 
  • Highly valued accessories: The variety of golfing equipment and accessories that Dunlop manufactures at a cheap price is another fantastic aspect of the company. For far less than you would spend elsewhere, you can buy products like scorecard holders, golf grip tape, and umbrellas.
  • For golfers who don’t play often, Dunlop sets are excellent. They are designed to be forgiving to aid in accuracy.

Common Pitfalls About Dunlop Golf Clubs: Why Most Pro Players No Longer Use Them.

  • Although most golfers can play using Dunlop clubs, none are designed for quick swings or soft feels.
  • These Dunlop irons and golf clubs don’t have a very long range.
  • Most club models have shafts made of low-grade graphite and aluminum that are inexpensively made.
  • When it comes to innovative solutions, the Dunlop brand is not the best choice.
  • Due to age, some Dunlop clubs may have worn grooves.
  • Dunlop Golf clubs are designed with the same innovations and materials used by many manufacturers. This makes it hard to discover which of their clubs is of higher quality. 
At What Price Can I Get Dunlop Golf Clubs?

The majority of Dunlop sets include a putter, three kinds of wood or utility clubs, and seven to eight irons. Price rates between $140 and $300 are common for sets. Drivers, like those in the Loco series, cost between $110 and $170 per club, with wedges, putters, and woods starting at $14 to $23 each.

Can You Still Buy Old Dunlop Golf Clubs?

Production has reduced because of the company’s many rivals, and Dunlop is under the Sumitomo group. Thus, it is obvious that most Dunlop golf clubs are outdated.

However, it cannot be denied that some of the antique and classic old Dunlop clubs are still in existence.

Some of the top players on the tour used Dunlop golf clubs when they were still upcoming golf stars.

Golfers today who want to buy Dunlop clubs must choose from the loco line of clubs from some of the other brands managed by SRI, such as Srixon.

On some eBay stores, you can buy vintage Dunlop clubs like the Scotland wedge and Roberto de Vicenzo woods, for example.


Though they have been superseded by their rivals, Dunlop clubs are still good, especially for beginners and golfers on a low budget. Don’t be reluctant to invest if you get a good price on a set of Dunlop old clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How Can I  Recognize Fake Dunlop Golf Clubs?

Fake clubs have a rubber-like scent, like a bicycle tire or a pool float.

The grips’ logos might not be properly positioned when the club is seated at the address.

If a brand logo is present, the paint fill and font will usually be different.

2. Are Slazenger and Dunlop the Same Company?

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a Japanese business, is in charge of both Dunlop and Slazenger.

3. Do Dunlop golf clubs come with golf balls?

Most of the sets come with golf balls, the company Dunlop has a long and illustrious history of creating golf balls of a respectable standard.

4. What Materials Are Used To Manufacture Dunlop Golf Clubs?

The John Daly Lion and Attack lines from Dunlop are complete sets with titanium drivers and hybrid irons. Drivers from the Loco series contain forged beta titanium and Harrison graphite shafts.

Are Dunlop Golf Clubs Good?

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