Edward Jones Vs Vanguard- Know More!

When it comes to investments, mutual funds, or ETFs the first two names that strike our mind are Edward D. Jones and The Vanguard Group. These two companies have grown so prosperous that they became the giants of the investment industry after a few years of foundation. Let’s know more about Edward Jones Vs Vanguard.

Edward Jones Vs Vanguard

Though Edward Jones and The Vanguard Group provide more or less similar investment services, some characteristics that make them differ from each other. Edward Jones requires a higher minimum investment whereas, on the other hand, the Vanguard Group requires a lower minimum investment as compared to the previous. Also, Edward Jones has variable commissions and on the other side, the Vanguard Group has flat rate fees. 

Some more fields will help us to make a difference. E.g.

Services Provided 

Both the companies provide services like mutual funds, money market funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, certificates of deposits, retirement savings, bonds, etc. Also, they have personal advisors and savings account facilities. But the Edward Jones has some additional facilities like credit cards, trust services, life insurance, long-term care, and disability insurance. 

Fees and Commissions

Both the companies have their customized fees and commissions for particular jobs. Usually, the Edward Jones is a bit more expensive when it comes to fees and commissions whereas the Vanguard is popularly known for its comparatively lower fees on services. 

The Process of Transferring

If someone needs to transfer to or from any of these companies, there are different procedures in each company. In the case of Edward Jones, the customer may need to look for an advisor of Edward Jones in their locality. After that, the advisor will discuss the necessary steps and charges. 

On the other hand, for The Vanguard Group, the entire method can be done online but it may take a longer time than normal. Also, the customer needs to have some documents ready in hand, for example:

  • An account statement from the present company
  • Personal information like birth date, social security number, etc
  • Type of the account with the amount to be transferred.
  • Vanguard account number (if already signed up for Vanguard)

Note: Vanguard does not charge for any kind of transfer.

About Edward D. Jones & Co and Its Purpose:

Edward D. Jones & Co is a financial firm that helps its customers with different services like mutual funds, ETFs, stock, insurances, etc. They even have their credit card service. The company was founded in 1922 in the United States. The current CEO of the company is Edward Smith and Penny Penington is the managing partner. The headquarter of Edward Jones is located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States and the actual address is 12555 Manchester Road

Saint Louis, MO 63131. Edward D. Jones & Co has more than 15000 branch locations in about 50 states of the USA.

About Vanguard Group and Its Purpose:

The Vanguard Group is a financial advisory company that was founded in 1975 by John C. Bogle in Pennsylvania, the United States. The company is known as the second-largest issuer of ETFs. Mortimer J. Buckley is the present CEO of the company. The headquarters of The Vanguard Group is located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, United States. The Vanguard Group has over 19 branches all over the world and the main branch is in Pennsylvania, United States. 


Now that we have discussed all such areas that make the two companies different, it is up to the consumer whom to choose for their financial issues. There may be both negative and positive reviews on different websites but we should remember that people write reviews only in some overwhelming critical situations they faced while being with the company. There must be some good sides to both the companies that kept them rising in the investment industry. Also, there are some other companies that they may prefer to visit. For example, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock,  Lincoln Financial Group,  Franklin Templeton, etc. But the most important thing is to stay alert whenever and whichever financial farm we will be choosing. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who is the competitor of Edward Jones?

There are so many competitors of Edward Jones. Some of them are Raymond James, Goldman Sachs, Vanguard, Lincoln Financial Group, and Morgan Stanley. 

  1. Who are the competitors of The Vanguard Group?

Some of its top competitors of the Vanguard Group include Edward D. Jones, BlackRock, The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA), Franklin Templeton, and Fidelity Investments.  

  1. Does Vanguard take charges for financial advice?

The Vanguard Group has personal advisors to help the clients and the service is free from their side.

  1. How long will it take to get money from Edward Jones?

According to the company’s statement, it allows the client to withdraw funds between six to seven working days of the date of deposit. In case the client is new, that means, he/she is a client for less than a month, then it may take up to eleven business days. 

Edward Jones Vs Vanguard- Know More!

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