The 24 Hours Car Rental Services- Rentals And More

In modern society, cars have shown beyond doubt to be yet another essential need. From running business errands to taking your kids to school and getting to different destinations, Cars have proven essential. Nevertheless, getting yourself a new or even used car can be pretty expensive. You’ll have to save for some time or even get an outstanding loan to purchase a car. let us know about 24 hours car rental services.

The 24 Hours Car Rental Services- Rentals And More

The good news is that Car Rental Services are finally here. From all brands of cars to different makes and sizes, you can select absolutely any car for use within a given period, and guess what, this comes at very affordable fees. Companies have come up with ways to offer car rental services to people whenever they need them and hence have to operate 24 hours, seven days a week; quite considerate, right? Most of these companies charge daily, which means you have the car for all the 24 hours to yourself without forgetting you can extend your “ownership” for a few more days or even weeks. Fantastic it is. Different companies have different ways of offering their services. The major car rental businesses that provide the convenience of 24-hour rentals are listed below, along with information on how to rent and other pertinent policies.

Major Car Rental Services

  1. Turo
  2. RentalCars24
  3. MyCarRental 24Hour Car Rental and Hire
  5. Enterprise Holdings


Turo is a car rental service widened in significant towns in the US like Miami, Toronto, London, Houston and Los Angeles, just to mention but a few. Their website acts as an intermediary between car owners who would want to rent out their cars and people who need cars for hire.

They boast of being the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace. They have a wide variety of cars from jeeps, BMW, Audi, Subaru, Porsche and Tesla.

How Turo Works

  • Provide location and date and browse through thousands of cars offered locally
  • Book on the Turo app or website and choose a protection plan
  • Pick the car or have it delivered to you
  • Check in with the app or website, and you are good to go

With Turo, you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before your trip. Their prices vary from 10 to 250 dollars every 24 hours.


RentalCars24 is a company that compares significant car rental services to give you the best deal. It provides the best prices for you depending on your location and the make of the car you want. You need to provide your address to get available cars near you.

The prices vary from 16 to over 100 dollars per day based on location. The type of car you want also alters the prices slightly. With RentalCars24;

  • There are no hidden charges
  • Well-known suppliers guarantee the best cars
  • They have a free breakdown assistance
  • You can easily cancel your bookings online


It’s a company based in Singapore Brooke Road in the US. One fascinating thing about this one is they have deals for Monthly and Yearly car renting aside from the daily and weekly. They also offer Chauffer services if needed.

With MyCarRental, you need to provide the following details;

  1. Rental type.
  2. Renting period.
  3. Your Credentials and
  4. Vehicle type.

With these details, MyCarRental will get you sorted, and you’ll have your car delivered to you in hours, if not minutes depending on your location. They also offer complete car maintenance and comprehensive insurance if something happens.

RentalCars works similarly as RentalCars24. They connect clients to prominent and renowned car rental services and make you the best deal. They offer their services in over 60 000 locations and top worldwide destinations like Miami, Dubai, Cape Town and London. Their cars vary from category to car model and brand in an attempt to offer top-notch services to their customers.

RentalCars have also extended its services to top airports globally like Palermo Airport, Heathrow Airport and Johannesburg Airport. Their prices range from 25 to over 200 dollars, depending on the vehicle category.

The procedure for acquiring a rented car is quite similar to the others. One needs to provide details of his booking, and the car is delivered to them, or they have to pick it up depending on their location. They have customer support in over 40 languages and offer free cancellations on most bookings.

Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings is a global company offering car rental services, majorly in airports enabling customers to get to their destinations faster and conveniently. From Los Angeles to New York City, Enterprise Holdings provides over 250 airport car rental locations in conveniently positioned locations across the United States.

Most of their branches are open around the clock, seven days a week. They also have a wide selection of vehicles, ranging from small economy automobiles to full-size sedans. Once you reserve your car, you can easily modify your bookings on their websites and even cancel freely. Their deals are flexible and negotiable from prices to renting periods.

In conclusion, car rental companies are everywhere, and information is readily available online. However, getting yourself an excellent rented car from a renowned dealer might be stressful. You will need to put your desires and needs into consideration. Do you want luxurious cars? Do you want to hold your car for more than a week? Do you want cheap rental cars? Well now there are several companies to chooce from. Hopefully, this article helps you in your search.

What happens if I get in an accident with a rented car?

Most Car Rental companies have well-planned insurance. In the case of an accident, a thorough investigation is done, and if the accident was not in any way caused by the client, the insurance company caters for the losses and medical bills, if any.

The 24 Hours Car Rental Services- Rentals And More

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