Augusta National Cost: All About It!


In the United States of America, Georgia has a golf club known as The Augusta National Golf Club, sometimes also called Augusta or the National. Compared to other prestigious clubs, Augusta National’s fees are quite reasonable. The main clubhouse has a pro shop, locker rooms, and a wine cellar. Here are thorough details about the Augusta national costs. Let’s know more about Augusta National Cost.

Augusta National Cost

Augusta National is a privately held club that does not publicize its financial information, it is difficult to determine the exact membership cost there. Despite this, the expected range for the initiation cost is around $40,000. According to estimates, the yearly dues amount to “a few thousand” dollars. According to estimates, the price of membership in the “green jacket” club ranged from $100,000 to $300,000 for those who could afford it. The National is another exclusive club that requires an invitation to join.

Facilities are included in Augusta National Cost. 

Becoming a member at Augusta National is one method to ensure you will get to play a round there. However, this is far simpler to say than it is to execute, even if you have the necessary financial resources. Pine needles are shipped in from other countries, bird sounds are broadcast through discreetly placed speakers, and the city’s ponds were once even colored blue to contribute to Augusta’s well-known and highly regarded new aspect. 

Inside the premises of Augusta National, Golf Club are ten cabins that are available for use by members of the club and their visitors. Because it was constructed specifically for President Eisenhower by the club, one of the cabins is referred to as the Eisenhower Cabin. In addition to these conveniences, Augusta National maintains strict standards for its members, employees, and customers (guests). On the site, the use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited.

Members of the Augusta National

Most of Augusta National’s members are well-known, wealthy individuals who move in the “proper” circles and are well-connected to influential figures in the community. However, some are individuals you have never heard of, such as family legacies. I believe it all depends on how you understand the concept of celebrity. Bill Gates, who was one of the co-founders of Microsoft, Condoleezza Rice, who served as Secretary of State, and Warren Buffett, who is worth a billion dollars, are all members of the organization. There are also many CEOs available, coming from firms such as IBM, Bank of America, MillerCoors, American Express, General Electric, and many more. The politician Samuel Nunn, a former senator from Georgia, is counted among those who belong.

Augusta Membership

How do you submit your application to become a member? With the proper invitation, you can get a membership. When a membership place becomes available, the club discusses who should be invited and sends out invitations. The club keeps the number of members close to 300 at all times. There is no procedure for applying. If you inquire, your probability of ever being considered drops significantly.

The club’s season extends from October until May, with a noticeable break in play for the Masters’ Tournament. Members are welcome to bring as many visitors as they like, but those people won’t be admitted to the property until after the member who invited them has arrived. As a media person working at The Masters, you are eligible for a complimentary round of golf if you are chosen through a poll; however, this opportunity is not guaranteed.

Is it possible to pay to play at Augusta National?

Sadly, this is not the case. The Augusta National Golf Club is a private establishment that is exclusively open to its members and visitors. There are further opportunities to go on the course at Augusta National, such as working there as an employee or caddie.

What is the cost of attending Augusta National?

Before joining the Augusta national golf club, you have to pay an initiation fee. It is reported that the Augusta National initiation fee ranges between $20,000 and $40,000. Members are estimated to contribute less than $300 each month, which works out to less than $4,000 yearly in total dues.


The Augusta National Golf Club is a members-only facility. The previous invitation extended to the club was extended to previous President Dwight Eisenhower and his wife. The estimated cost of the green fee at Augusta National Golf Club is $350; however, this number relates to 2018. When the Master’s competition is taking place, the price rises to $500 each week.


Question 1. How does one go about qualifying to play at Augusta?

Answer 1. If you thought getting a membership would be difficult, trying to play on the course will prove even more challenging.

Question 2. What does Augusta’s short season entail?

Answer 2. Augusta National is only available for member play until May. Then it closes again until October, even though the summer months in Georgia are the busiest time for golf.

Augusta National Cost: All About It!

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