How Much Does Hail Damage Devalue A Car?

Everyone wants their car in good shape but hail doesn’t allow you to do so. People experiencing these hails suffer a lot. One of the most common damages done by hail is the damage done to people’s cars and other vehicles. The big-sized frozen water balls fall from the sky at such a fast speed which creates dents and breaks/cracks the glasses of windows of the vehicle. How Much Does Hail Damage Devalue A Car?

How Much Does Hail Damage Devalue A Car?

Type of damage done to cars 

This hail mainly causes damage to cars in two ways—surface and structural. In surface damage, the hail causes scratches and damage to paint jobs, mainly the damage is done to the exterior part. In the latter part, the damage is done to the interior part because of the huge amount of impact. The damage includes cracks in windows and windshield, loss of panels, airbag sensor damage, and damage to headlights and taillights.

Now the question arises, how much it devalues a car. The damage to a car caused by any of the routes may be natural or human errors that will make the car lose its initial value. In the case of hail damage, it decreases your car’s value by however much the repair will cost. For example, if your car’s value is Rs 2 lakh and the cost to repair the damage done is 50 thousand, then your car’s value will be decreased to Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand. Talking the average cost for removing a dent, is $250 with moderate damage lowering the value of the car by $3000 to $16000 and in some cases severe damage, resulting in the complete loss of the vehicle, according to some sources.

Another problem the hail creates is that it makes one’s car look worn out and old, no matter how the car is, so if he wants to sell it, the buyer will generally decrease further its value because of its appearance. Talking about long-term consequences; consider the paint on our cars; it protects our car from rust. So, surface damage done by it will damage the paintwork and the overall result will lead to the metal of our car being exposed to moisture present in the atmosphere, and it will create a path for rust and will degrade your car’s body and thus create structural issues and thus reducing more its value as a buyer will not be interested in a car with a corrosive body as it will require more cost to repair than to buy it.

Moreover, the rust will cause safety issues from mold to your car as it will make it easier for leaks and weather damage. A buyer will generally not buy an unsafe car and its value decreases furthermore.

What can a person do to sell his damaged car?

  • He can first repair the car and then sell it to the customer, but it will result in less pro t  and thus reduce the value of the car.
  • ‌Or he can sell it to the dealerships directly and not sell it to customers without repairing anything. The dealerships will take a look at the problems and will negotiate the selling price.

We are talking about repairing again and again. Now, we will talk about the factors on which the cost to repair the damage done by hail depends –

  • ‌It depends on the number and size of dents created by hail. The more the dents, the more it will cost to repair them. The larger and deeper a dent is, the more it will cost.
  • ‌Some professionals rate a car’s damage by breaking down the car into a series of panels during hail damage inspection. Each panel damage increases the cost of repair.
  • ‌Labor charges.
  • ‌The cost of parts that are damaged.

Auto insurance availability for damage caused by hail

After discussing the repair cost, the next thing that comes to someone’s mind about damage covered by auto insurance will be helpful or not. The answer is yes, and your insurance company must cover it. If one has comprehensive coverage, the damage is typically covered. Comprehensive coverage covers any non-collision-related damage like hail. If one has only liability coverage, the insurance company might not provide you with the insurance or can provide claims in case of giant damages. So one must buy these insurance plans.

How can you prevent hail damage?

  • ‌Invest in comprehensive auto insurance as discussed earlier, especially in a hail-prone area.
  • ‌Always try to park your car under covered parking or you can directly cover it with a car cover. If the hail arrives while you are driving, try to find a bridge or any place where you can cover your car.
  • ‌Be aware of the situation of hailstorms, and listen to weather forecasts, this can help you to protect your car as you know about the situation, and you can adjust accordingly.


So Hail can be disastrous and it can ruin your car’s value. The severity of the hail and the size of the water balls are the factors that determine the damage that will be done to your car. It will decrease the value of the car and hurt your pocket. Always try to get your vehicle repaired before selling or trading in your vehicle. Be cautious and try to prevent your vehicle from such a natural calamity. 

Frequently asked question 

1. Where can I get a discount on repairing such car damages in India?

A .1. There are several mechanics companies which provide you with such services, like GoMechanic. 

2. What is the average cost to repair my damaged car due to hail?

A.2. The average cost of repair is around $2500.

3. Should I repair my car or not after hail damage?

A.3.  We should repair our car and then sell it to the customer. If you don’t repair your car, then no one will buy it. 

How Much Does Hail Damage Devalue A Car?

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