How Much Is HBO On DirecTV? – Know More

Do you want to watch HBO without cable? If so, DirecTV might be the perfect provider for you. Or if you are already a DirecTV subscriber and are now looking for ways to add HBO Plus or HBO Max to your package. Then be assured that it is very easy to do so. Let us know ‘How Much Is HBO On DirecTV’.

How Much Is HBO On DirecTV?

HBO is available on DirecTV but only in select areas as part of their “Plus” package. The cost for this service ranges from $10.99 per month to $15 per month, and it can be added to any DirecTV subscription plan.

The Best Way To Watch HBO Max – DirecTV or Cable?

There are many different ways to watch HBO Max. The most popular way is through a streaming device like DirecTV.

If you’re looking for a good way to watch HBO Max without having to pay extra fees, then DirecTV may be the better option. This service surpasses in terms of features that are not available on cable TVs such as DVR recording and more than 100 channel options. 

Additionally, DirecTV does not require an expensive satellite dish or any contract commitments which can make it an affordable choice overall. And also everybody is looking for ways to cut the cords from their houses these days.

How To Get HBO Max On DirecTV? – The Simple Steps

If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, then it’s important to know that HBO Max is now available as an add-on service. If you want to get HBO Max, all you need to do is call DirecTV and speak with a customer representative. 

They will help you sign up for the add-on and give you instructions on how to access it. If you don’t have it, you can subscribe to DirecTV’s basis plan at $35/ month. Once your subscription is activated, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up in your My DirecTV app or website and search for ‘HBO Max’. Then download it.
  • Navigate to the ‘My programming’ tabIn and select ‘Add Channel.’ Find HBO MAx from there.
  • Select DirecTV in place of ‘Provider.’
  • Enter your DirecTV ID and password.
  • Search for your favorite show and enjoy it.

Various DirecTV Plans That Include HBO Max

DirecTV offers several plans that include HBO Max. This premium channel includes popular shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld. Besides, you’ll have access to exclusive documentary films, comedy specials like Veep and Silicon Valley, and live sports events of HBO Originals. Some of the DirecTV plans with HBO Max are:

  • The basic DirecTV Premier plan with 65+ HD plan (includes access to HBO Max) at $40 per month.
  • ‘Just Right’ package, which includes all of the basic packages plus HBO Max.
  • Premier package with over 120 channels and HBO Max streaming for an additional $10/mo
  • Plus package with 95+ channels for $50 per month and HBO Max streaming for an additional $5/mo.
  • And if you’re an avid fan of everything then go for either the Ultra package ($60 monthly) or Elite package ($70 monthly) which both offer HBO Max and DVR capabilities.

Benefits Of Using DirecTV

DirecTV is a satellite TV provider that offers over 120 channels, including live and on-demand content. The package includes both local and national channels as well as features like DVR, pause/rewind, and fast-forwarding through commercials.

From sports to news and movies, DirecTV has a great selection of channels, plus it has an app platform, which makes it easy to access your content from anywhere in the world.

DirecTV also has one of the more comprehensive app ecosystems out there with platforms like Android TV, Apple WatchOS 3+, Amazon Fire devices, Xbox One & 360 consoles (including Hulu), iOS devices, Samsung Smart TVs (2016 or later with native UHD tuning capability), LG Ultra HD 4K sets 2017 models, Panasonic Home Theater Projector, streaming boxes from Roku, Google Chromecast, etc.


With the growing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, HBO is slowly losing its foothold in the cord-cutting market. If you’re one of those people who must get their daily dose of HBO fix, you can undoubtedly go for DirecTV. There’s a lot of information that is pertinent to this topic, so compare your needs and budget wisely before subscribing to one of the plans.


  1. Does DirecTV have a mobile app that allows you to watch your favorite shows while you’re out of the house?

DirecTV does have a mobile app that allows you to watch your favorite shows while you’re out of the house. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Do you think DirecTV has better sports coverage than other providers?

Based on customer reviews and ratings, DirecTV may have better sports coverage with networks like ESPN, TNT, TBS, and specialized channels: NBA TV and MLB.

  1. Is there a price hike or special offer for subscribing to HBO on DirecTV?

Unfortunately, no. HBO does not offer a special deal or price hike for subscribing to the channel through DirecTV.

  1. Is the price of HBO too high or low for a cable company to charge their customers?

Some people find cable network HBO  overpriced, and believe it should be available more cheaply as other digital streaming options offer similar content at lower prices.

How Much Is HBO On DirecTV? – Know More

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