How to Cash Out On Door Dash with Fast Pay?

Working for Door Dash brings the opportunity to earn extra money either as a part time or fulltime job. The question then comes as “How can I get paid daily on Door Dash?” The answer is that Door Dash has a feature to get paid daily and it is called Fast Pay. Door Dash normally pays out all Dasher earnings for the previous week every Monday. This payment time also depends on how fast your bank processes their transactions and sometimes, people get their payments after 2 or 3 days after it has been disbursed on Monday.  The other option is to use of Fast Pay method which allows you cash out all your earnings during the week daily. Although, this method comes with a small fee on every usage of Fast Pay. With Fast Pay, you don’t have to wait for a whole week before getting your payment into your bank accounts. Let us know ‘How to Cash Out On Door Dash with Fast Pay?’.

Fast Pay serves as a bridge to help workers get paid to settle their bills at the right time rather than wait till when they are paid directly by the company. To make use of Fast Pay as a cash out option on Door Dash, the first step is to set up Fast Pay. This is done by clicking on the bank icon that is found on the earnings tab in the Dasher app. This will show the Payout Methods on the screen. Go ahead to add your functional debit card information as this will lead to your ability to use Fast Pay. Door Dash however does not accept prepaid cards for registering for Fast Pay. You can cash out your earnings once Fast Pay becomes active by going to Deposits and Transfers options. Door Dash Fast Pay option charges $1.99 fee each time you cash out. How to Cash Out On Door Dash with Fast Pay

Assuming you had made a total of about $100 delivering on Wednesday and Thursday, you can decide to use the Fast Pay option to get paid on Thursday after your Thursday work is over. You will get a total of $(100 – 1.99) which equals $98.01 on Thursday. This also depends on how fast your bank deals with transactions and it often takes time for first time Fast Pay users as their bank looks into the transaction. Fast Pay is a good option for drivers who have daily bills to sort out or when you are in dire need for money. Also, if you earn a large amount of money, you won’t have to worry about the fee charge that comes with Fast Pay. 

Fast Pay Eligibility Requirements 

Before you can make use of the Fast Pay option, there are several requirements you need to meet. First, you must be in a U.S market. Also, you need to add your debit card information into the app as Fast Pay sends your payment to your debit card instead of your bank account. You need to complete at least 25 lifetime deliveries and also be on the Door Dash Platform for a minimum of 14 days after activating your account.  You need to set up Fast Pay and add your debit card at least for a week and also avoid updating or re-entering your debit card information. All these requirements are to curb fraudulent activities and also to limit new users from using Fast Pay.

Why Your Fast Pay Method May Not Work.

There are few cases of DoorDash drivers not being able to make use of the Fast Pay method and this is possible if you have any of these: 

  • You have not met the Fast Pay requirements on DoorDash, or you are not eligible to use Fast Pay.
  • Your debit card information is incorrect or has a negative balance.
  • You have not earned on DoorDash as you are new to the system or if you are currently on an active Dash.
  • You do not live in the United States as this option is open to US residents. 


It is advisable to make use of the Fast Pay method only when you need to use cash urgently. Accumulating the daily fees of $1.99 over a week means a lot to Dashers who don’t earn a lot on DoorDash and hence the need to keep using the DasherDirect that allows you to receive your pay weekly with no charge. However, if you feel most comfortable using the Fast Pay method regardless of the fee that comes with it, it is a good means of getting paid daily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I cash out using Fast Pay? 

The Fast Pay Method allows you to cash out all our earnings balance on DoorDash at your convenience. 

  • How many times a day can I use Fast Pay on Door Dash?

Using Fast Pay on DoorDash only gives you the option of making one cash out per day. 

  • How will I know when the Fast Pay funds have been transferred? 

When you make a cash out using the Fast Pay method, you will receive a confirmation email which will includes details of the transaction such as the amount of money transferred and its time of transfer. 

How to Cash Out On Door Dash with Fast Pay?

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