How Connect iPhone to Laptop WIFI Hotspot?-Know More

An iphone, as we all know is completely different from the android device. The iphone operates on the IOS operating system. Due to the IOS operating system they run on, they are faster and sleek compared to the android smart phones. Research shows that the iphone, due to the restrictive operating system they use are very hard to operate at first instance. Let’s Know How to Connect iPhone to Laptop WIFI Hotspot?

How to Connect iPhone to Laptop WIFI Hotspot?

Take for instance, you just got an iphone X and you have some works that need to be completed on your laptop as soon as possible. For this job to be completed, your laptop needs an access to the internet. You have tried so hard for hours to connect your iphone to the laptop but all efforts seemed fruitless.

Well, do not worry much because here is a simple guide on how to connect your iphone to the laptop successfully.

Connecting an iPhone to a laptop can be done in three different ways.  They include:

  • Using a universal serial bus cable (USB cable)
  • Using a portable WIFI hotspot
  • Using Bluetooth

Before connecting the iphone via any of the above ways, setting up the iphone’s hotspot is very important. 

Here are steps to follow in setting up the iPhone’s hotspot:

  • Go to your iphone’s Settings.
  • Go to Hotspot by clicking on General, then Network and Hotspot.
  • Click on Hotspot and then tap on the button to ON.
  • Lastly, connect the iphone to your laptop using cable or Bluetooth.

How to Use a USB Cable to connect iPhone to Laptop WIFI:

Step 1: Download the latest version of iTunes for windows on your laptop. 

Step 2: Install the iTunes program and run it. The iTunes app helps to back up and update the iphone. It also helps to sync the contents of your iphone to your laptop.

Step 3: Since the hotspot on your iphone has been activated, connect the end of the USB cable that fits into the iphone and then the other end into the laptop.

Step 4: Make sure your laptop is connected successfully to your iphone. On your laptop, the connection would appear on the screen as a wired connection.

Using a Portable WIFI Hotspot

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iphone.

Step 2: Switch on your mobile data and hotspot on your iphone.

Step 3: Here, you can view the Hotspot name or change the Password if need be. 

Step 4: On your laptop, go to Settings.

Step 5: Click on Internet and Network then go to WIFI.

Step 6: Click on Available network and then click on the hotspot name you created on your iphone.

Step 7: Click the Connect button.

Step 8: Type the password you created on your iphone.

Connecting an Iphone to a laptop via portable WIFI hotspot is the easiest method. If you need to connect your iphone to the laptop some other time, you would not have to go through these steps. 

All you need to do is to switch on your mobile data and hotspot on your iPhone and then switch on the WIFI on your laptop, automatically both would connect instantly.

Using Bluetooth to Connect iPhone to Laptop WIFI Hotspot

Are you are tired of using a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your laptop because of the little stress it puts you through?  You tried connecting them through the WIFI Hotspot but it proved fruitless.  Well, guess what?  There is another way you can connect your iPhone to your laptop WIFI without the use of a USB cable. You can do this using BLUETOOTH and this method would not put you through any stress, I guarantee that. That sounds exciting right?

A Bluetooth is a wireless device that helps to exchange data from one device to another through the use of wavelength. These data could be songs, movies or documents. If you want to know how your iphone can be connected to your laptop through the use of Bluetooth, then follow me through these steps. 

Step 1: Click on the Bluetooth icon in your iphone notification bar.

Step 2: Click on Show Bluetooth devices.

Step 3: Highlight your iPhone and click the properties button.

Step 4: Click the Service tab.

Step 5: Tick the Wireless iAP checkbox and click OK afterwards.

Step 6: On your Windows laptop, click on the Bluetooth icon on the task bar.

Step 7: Click on Join Local Area Network.

Step 8: Click Connect.

In a case your laptop is a Mac, follow these steps:

  • Switch on your iPhone’s Bluetooth.
  • Click on Set up New Device and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • After successfully pairing your iPhone to your Mac, choose the option Use Device as a Network Port on your iPhone.
  • On connecting your Mac book to your iPhone, click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.
  • On your iPhone, click on Connect to Network.


 Connecting your iPhone to a laptop WIFI hotspot could be one of the easiest things to do given that you follow the steps accordingly as discussed above. Knowing how to do this could make your work very much easier and faster because this could be done anywhere, anytime. Connecting your iPhone’s internet network to your laptop’s WIFI might not be only for work, it could also be for fun. Once you successfully connect your iPhone to your laptop WIFI, you can use it to stream movies on Netflix or any other movie site, your favorite songs on your favorite music app and so many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How can I disconnect my iPhone from laptop WIFI hotspot?

  • Click on Settings on your Iphone’s menu.
  • Click on General
  • Go to Network.
  • Tap on Internet Tethering to switch it off.

Can I receive a call while my iPhone is connected to my laptop WIFI?

Sure you can only if your iphone is not connected to the laptop via a USB cable. If it is connected through a USB cable, then you would have to unplug it from the laptop first before making a call.

How Connect iPhone to Laptop WIFI Hotspot?-Know More

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