How To Connect To The Best Western Wi-fi?

As the wi-fi is a necessity and you need access to it no matter where you are. Even when you are on a trip, whether family or business or temporary stay, you prefer the place that provides this facility. Especially when it is free of cost, the customers are very satisfied. Let us learn about ‘How To Connect To The Best Western Wi-fi?’.

How To Connect To The Best Western Wi-fi?

The largest motel chain, the Best western, is present all over the United States and provides the best hospitality reservation services. Moreover, it is also providing free Wi-Fi service to all its guests to make their stay more comfortable. With the other hotel chain, charging for the Wi-Fi, its guests have free access to it, in Best Western.

Connect To The Best Western Wi-fi?

While checking in, you can ask the receptionist to provide you with the network name and password to the hotel wi-fi. 

Connect The Switch To Hotel Wi-fi:

 Open the main menu

Select the internet

Tab in internet settings

Scroll down to move the switch

It will start looking for the available network

Choose your hotel wi-fi connection and enter the password.

With the help of a switch, you can have as many ethernet connections to your devices as possible.

Connect Your PC/Phone With Hotel Wi-Fi

To connect wi-fi with your PC/phone:

open Wi-Fi and search for available network

make sure your device wi-fi is turned on

connect with the hotel network 

enter password to connect

Connect Your Router To Wi-fi:

you can make your hotspot by connecting your router with Wi-Fi.

You can connect your router with the ethernet cable as hotels provide it by the study table.

Access the router page through your PC and change the settings accordingly such as setting password etc.

Connect your devices to the router to have access

You can also connect a wireless router. In that case, you don’t need the ethernet connection and the procedure is the same.

Connect PS4 With Hotel Wi-fi:

To all the games lover, you can connect your video game console to wi-fi through the following steps:

Connect play station with TV

Go to settings and select X

Select connection from the option in a toolbox

Click to establish the connection

Tab Use wi-fi option

set easy wi-fi option

Search for the hotel wi-fi network and click

PS4 will try to connect to it once you enter the correct password

Select the test internet connection tab

If the connection failed. Go to detail option

Enter the log-in information

Go for the suggested action option

It will not verify the page

Still, click yes to proceed further

to hotel wi-fi

Log in with the details you provided before.

Connect PS4 and continue enjoying video games while you are on your trip.

Best Western Wi-fi Is Not Connecting:

Due to several reasons, your device is connected to the network, but you don’t have internet service. To solve this problem, you would have tried several methods by entering the password, again and again, restarting your device, and troubleshooting your network but nothing seems to work. The browser is unable to open the log-in page so you can create an account to have access to open wi-fi.

Here are some tips that can help you with this issue:

Make Sure Your Alternate DNS Server Is Turned-Off:

Many public networks try to connect the device with its domain server. If the alternate DNS is available, it fails to do so. To solve this, turn this feature off and set the settings to default, and clear all the alternate servers and their cache.

The PC will automatically pick the server and load the log-in page.

Force Your Browser To Open The Log-In Page:

You can also try this method if the previous fails. Search for the https://localhost or or on the address bar and the log-in page is likely to appear. 

You cannot connect to the internet as the cache is still interfering with the domain server.

You can either clean the cache and log in to the page or you can open a non-HTTPS site in your browser. Use the incognito tab for this action. The non-HTTPS sites are non-secure, and they redirect you to the login page whereas the secure browser prevents it.

Try Restarting Your Device:

If you have tried everything but still it fails, then there are high chances that there is a signal issue. Try restarting the router to solve it once and for all.


Now we Have learnt “‘How To Connect To The Best Western Wi-fi?”, Best western’s president has made wi-fi free to all its guests in rooms and the area around the hotel as per the customers’ requirements. The guests also have easy access to it and can have all the information required from the front desk. 


What is the password to wi-fi in best western?

They have different passwords depending on the hotel in which you are staying. You can ask the receptionist to provide you with the password.

Is the best western wi-fi free?

Yes, the best western provides free wi-fi service in all rooms and areas around the hotel to facilitate its guests.

How To Connect To The Best Western Wi-fi?

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