How To Sell On Poshmark Fast?

Poshmark is one of the best second-hand fashion, home goods, electronics, and many more products selling apps. Poshmark was founded by Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala, and Chetan Pungaliya in 2011 and has been growing its sales since then. Let us see how to sell on Poshmark fast in this article.

How To Sell On Poshmark Fast?

Poshmark sells its products across the USA, Canada, Australia, and India. Poshmark has about 80 million users and 200 million sales. 

Poshmark has started the trend of selling second-hand goods. It sells thousands of brands. It’s not only customer friendly but also gives the seller a platform to sell their unique goods. 

How To Sell On Poshmark Fast?

Poshmark is the safest place to sell your products and for the buyer also it is the safest place to buy, they can select from plenty of products and can even get discounts. 

Many of the sellers Don’t have a basic idea of how they can promote and sell their products on Poshmark, they make silly mistakes due to which their sales decrease. So to help you improve your selling experience we have come up with how you can sell on Poshmark fast. 

Process of selling 

Once you have a product you want to sell, it is very crucial to know the pros and cons of the product before selling it. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

Step 1: Ensure that the item is in pristine condition: 

Before selling any product make sure the product is in good condition, there should be no holes, snags, marks, and pilings. If you try to conceal it from your coustomer. A buyer will 100% know and it will affect your reviews and ratings. So it is better to mention the flaw before selling it. That’s how you keep the trust between the customer and the seller.

Step 2: Photoshoot your products: 

When your products are ready to sell. Make sure you click plenty of pictures in good lighting. You can click pictures with your normal phone camera just don’t use a flashlight so that the color and fabric are represented. Aim for at least 5 photos of the product and take some pictures from the close Angel as well to attract the curiosity of more customers. 

Step 3: Be more clear and concise about product details: 

Nobody wants to hear long paragraphs about how beautiful your Zara dress is, but they do want to know about the details like the measurements, color design, and texture. So be more concise about your product detail. Always mention the brand of the product as it attracts more customers. 

Step 4: Be transparent about the flaws : 

If you have any defect in your product, be clear about it and write about it in the description. If there is anything wrong with your product for example if there is even a pinhole or a little mark under the slip. You should disclose it. Your customer will 100% Know about the flaw and will give a bad review which will affect your Poshmark profile 

Step 5: Packaging of the product: 

Make sure to be extra careful while packing your package, you should keep in mind the minor details such as wrapping the product with extreme care. Do add a thank you note or a trinket at the end, as it looks sweet. 

Step 6: Shipment of your product: 

Now your product is packed and ready to be shipped. Do not delay in shipping your product as the buyers are not known for their patience. Buyers want their goods delivered to them as soon as possible. Any delay in the shippment may lead to mind change of the buyer.

What products are sold on Poshmark? 

Poshmark sells a wide range of products from different brands. It not only sells fashion products but also home goods, electronics, and many more. Based on research these are some of the top 10 best brands sold on Poshmark: 

● lululemon Athletica 

● Nike 

● Free People 

● Victoria’s Secret 

● Coach 

● PINK Victoria’s Secret 

● American Eagle Outfitter 

● J. Crew 

● UGG 

● Michael Kors 

Is it worth selling on Poshmark? 

Poshmark is one of the safest and most secure sites to buy or sell. It has its pros and cons when it comes to selling but rest assured you can sell safely on Poshmark, it sells around thousands of brands. 

Poshmark charge up to 20% seller fees for eg: 

If you sell a product for $30 you’ll get up to $24.00 

That’s the criteria for selling on Poshmark. 

Selling a used product is not very easy but Poshmark offers you to sell these products. So if you want to sell your products and earn an extra buck you must try Poshmark. 


Poshmark is a fashion-friendly site where you can sell your used goods. It is the safest place where you can sell your products. Poshmark not only offers fashion products but you can also

sell home goods, electronic appliances, craft products, and many more. Poshmark is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, and India. 


1. Is it safe to buy through Poshmark? 

Yes, it is safe to buy through Poshmark. It is a trustworthy site. 

2. What’s the catch with Poshmark? 

Poshmark takes up to 20% seller fees for products listed above $15 and takes $2.95 for products listed below $15. 

How To Sell On Poshmark Fast?

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