Motel 6 military discount-You Need To Know

The Motel 6 chain has taken steps toward supporting women in military service. In 2012, the company began offering female military members a discount on rooms to make up for the lack of female-only restrooms in many of its motels. The discount, which is now in about 9,000 motels across the country, is now being extended to non-military members as well, says Motel 6 CEO Chris Proppe. Now Let’s Know More About Motel six military discount.

Motel 6 military discount

The Motel 6 brand provides several military discounts across the country. These include the military discount for the Americas, South America, and Europe, as well as the discount for government service members in the Armed Forces.

How to obtain a portion of the discount

1. Military members may obtain a discount of 10% to 15% on their Motel  6 reservations.

2. The best way to obtain the discount is to join the U.S. military and begin your service.

3. To be eligible for the government discount, you must be on a military or government reservation or post on a military installation. You also must be staying at a Motel 6 as opposed to a hotel, to receive the discount.

4. To receive a portion of the military discount, eligible customers must be members of the military, eligible government employees, veterans, or a member of the Uniformed Services, or must have received an honorable discharge from the military.  Motel 6 requires all active-duty military members to show their affiliation before being granted a military discount.

Is Studio six or Motel six military-friendly?

The Motel 6 brand is military-friendly, offering discounts to military members. Those who serve in the military are eligible for the military discount, which is typically 10% to 15% off the room rate. The best way to obtain the military discount is to join the military and begin your service, which will qualify you for the military discount. To be eligible for the government discount, you must be on a military or government reservation or post on a military installation.

Weekly rates at hotel six:

Friday: $69.95    Saturday: $79.95    Sunday: $99.95    Monday: $69.95    Tuesday: $69.95    Wednesday: $64.95    Thursday: $69.95    Friday: $69.95    Saturday: $79.95    Sunday: $99.95    Monday: $69.95    Tuesday: $69.95    Wednesday: $64.95 

Discount for first responders at Motel six:

The American Red Cross is offering a 10% discount on rooms at Motel 6 for first responders and other emergency responders staying with the Red Cross at any Motel  6 location through December 2018. To redeem the offer: 1) Show your affiliation with the American Red Cross on your Motel  6 6 6 reservation, and 2) Find a Motel 6 in the Greater Kansas City Area (GKCA) where the American Red Cross is located. The offer is only valid for Motel 6 locations in the GKCA where the Red Cross is located. Offer is non-transfer

What kind of profits do hotels make?

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, in 2017, the average American hotelier made $4.63 an hour. But many hotels make more than that. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median wage for hotel workers is $19.27 an hour. The median salary for hotel workers is $24.46 an hour. 

What is the purpose of Motel 6’s military discount?

Motel six has long been a favorite among military families and veterans, thanks to its extensive list of military discounts and special accommodations. But as the company has grown and expanded, so have the number of people who can get these discounts. In fact, today you can use the same coupon to get 50% off at any Motel six location, not just ones that are near military bases. This means that anyone, no matter their background, can save at a Motel six when they use the right coupon.


Motel Six, the national chain of budget hotels, is offering military members and their families a discount on rooms during the month of Veterans Day. The chain is providing a 15% discount, which is available on a limited number of rooms, to honor those who have served in the military, as well as those who have family members who have served. The offer is available only at, and the chain is honoring military identification cards as proof of service. The chain is also providing free Wi-Fi in rooms and at their six locations nationwide. 


Can anybody benefit from the Motel Six military discount?

A $10-a-night Motel 6 military discount is available at a participating Motel 6. You can also book a stay at a Courtyard by Marriott location, choose one of their special rates, and redeem it at their Motel 6 location.

What does a hotel consider to be a senior rate?

hotel rooms tend to go up in price as you get older and older. If you are a senior and you book at a motel, you are likely to find yourself getting charged a higher rate than younger guests. Other factors that may increase the price of a hotel room include the hotel’s proximity to the airport, the number of star ratings, and whether the hotel is near a highway, an interstate, or a major airport.

Motel 6 military discount-You Need To Know

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