Sky Never Miss: Guide

Sky Never Miss is Sky’s innovative and mind-blowing trademark. It is an excellent and perfect feature that enriches your TV experience. Sky TV  introduced it to serve better and keep its 12.5 million subscribers glued to its screens. But do you know what Sky Never Miss: Guide ?

Sky Never Miss: Guide

Sky TV’s  Never Miss is an online creative reminder service introduced in the 2000s. Its purpose is highlighted in its name. It reminds you of your favorite show and programs.

Why Was The Sky Never Miss Franchise Introduced? 

Everyone loves a good screen time. And because of this, every channel and network put together a great show. But you could get drowned in the multitude of displays, making it impossible to keep up with your favorite shows and programs on Sky TV.

Therefore, they introduced the reminder service to remind you and keep you alert and on the lookout for your favorite content. 

How Can I Get The Reminder? 

The online reminder is available on your Sky TV box and mobile apps for free. All registered users can get reminders for over 30,000 movies, 450 TV series, and more that will be added later. 

With this, you don’t have to surf the internet or hunt for printed magazines to know when your next favorite show is streaming. 

What Are The Features Of Sky Never Miss? 

The Sky Never Miss feature enables subscribers to self-select and track favorite movies on their personalized website or notification lists before their release to the mainstream. So, when it becomes available eventually, you will get a reminder via your email signifying the broadcast dates. 

Nonetheless, it would help if you allowed Sky to capture your email data and information to enjoy these features thoroughly.

Best part? Sky Never Miss enables users to record these programs on their devices (computers, iMac) screen. 

The Sky Never Miss Guide 

If you are a fan of the Sky Never Miss feature, you might wonder how to set it up. It is not complicated. Just follow these step-by-step guides below: 

  • Go to the Never Miss website 
  • Click on the signup button and input all the information needed.
  • You will get a confirmation mail 
  • Viola!! You are set. 

How To Use The Feature? 

After registration, log in to your Sky Never Miss profile. Upon logging in, you will see the official login screen pop up on your browser. You will see a user-friendly web interface to manage and coordinate your favorite shows. You can access the feature by following this guide below; 

  • After logging in to the website, you will find two different search bars. They are the movies and TV series. 
  • Please choose your preferred search bar to look for your favorite content via its genre or title. 
  • Look up your results by one of these methods; alphabetically, release date, popularity, and time. 

Also, add any program that tickles your fancy to the personalized notification list. Sky will then keep you updated, and once the broadcast date has been fixed, you will receive an email about all you need to know. 

What Happens When You Don’t Know What Show To Stream? 

In a case where you don’t know shows to add to your profile, follow your instinct, surf the internet, or look out for the most viewed and requested shows on the website. 

What Are The Limitations Of Sky Never Miss? 

While the benefits of Sky Never Miss cannot be overemphasized, it has its relative limitations. Some users have complained about these issues. One of the common problems and its resolution technique; 

  1. Web page redirection 

It usually happens when you press the record button. If you are having trouble recording your shows, you should log out of the app and sign in after a few minutes.  Also, ensure you are using the updated operating system (OS). 

However, if the troubleshooting persists, set the recording up manually. To achieve this; 

Set up the remote button and choose ‘recordings’ on the settings menu. 

Look for your preferred channel and select the recording day. 

Once it is set, set the start and end times and save the information. 

For manual settings, ensure enough space on your Sky box disk.

  1. When your search Bar is not working 

If your search bar is not functioning, use a new browser to log in to the website to reset your choices. 

  1. If you can’t sign in 

No cause for an alarm if you can’t sign in. Clear your web history and attempt to log in again. Also, you can use a different website to log in. 


Life can get busy quickly, but with Sky Never Miss, you can stay afloat and updated with your favorite shows. The Never Miss is the perfect online reminder service to help you keep track of entertainment. Get to know more about sky never miss: guide.

However, it is worthy to note that the service is currently on pause by the brand. You will hear more from us when they are back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Has Sky Never Miss Been Replaced? 

No, it is not replaced. However, it is on pause at the moment. 

How Long Can You Record On Sky? 

You can record up to 33 hours if you use HD programming and up to 99 hours for standard programming.

Sky Never Miss: Guide

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