Swag Bucks Hacks 800 S4 – Know More

About Swag bucks:

Swag bucks is a website that allow the users to get paid and rewarded for performing some of the tasks that are online. The members of Swag bucks daily get paid by swagbucks.com with the gift cards and vouchers. Swag bucks was first time launched in southern California in the year 2008. By Prodege LLC a company. It has many positive reviews by the users, the rating of Swag bucks is 4-5 stars right now. It is a very fascinating platform for those who want to make money online and making money online through Swag bucks is much easier and effective as compared to other sites. Many of the sites are doing spam in form of online money-making platforms but Swag bucks has proved itself as a trusted platform. Let us know how to solve Swag bucks

Swag bucks hacks 800 S4

How to make money through Swagbucks?

Swag bucks provides many ways to make money through its platform and there are different methods to earn Swag bucks rewards from this platform:

  • Online shopping:
  • over thousands of stores offers cash back on online shopping so for earning cash points through Swagbucks you need to shop online.
  • Scanning receipts:
  • The most amazing feature of Swagbucks is to get paid for scanning the receipts of your shopping even if you are shopping from super markets you can scan the bills through Swagbucks no matter how much that bill costs you will get paid.
  • Playing games :
  • play games from Swag bucks library of games or download and install the games from SB platform to get paid and featured through the rewards of Swag bucks.
  • Install Browser extension: for earning different Swagbucks coupons, gifts and rewards. you need to install the browser extension of Swagbucks and automatically you will get the deals, coupons and discounts through that browser.
  • Answer surveys: for answering the surveys provided by brands and marketers you will get paid because every production company, brand and marketer wants to know the reviews of their products so that they can earn more through more sales. Those surveys includes online shopping, food, finance and vacation destinations etc.
  • Redeem Swagbucks codes: if you find Swagbucks codes and coupons on your social media or browsers click on it, redeem it and get rewarded by Swagbucks.
  • Search the websites: you will be paid for searching websites when you are using the browser of Swagbucks so search more and more to get immense rewards. Swagbucks browser also provides you the same surfing experience as other top browsers offer by showing you more results. 

Swagbucks hacks:

Swagbucks provide overwhelming opportunities for earning money online as stated above but particularly knowing about few hacks and tips is very necessary.

Few tips and hacks are given as under:

Get 5$ by clicking:

Your 5$ are just a click away, click on the link and sign up for Swag bucks and get your 5$.

Sign in to Swag bucks with separate email address:

Sign in to Swagbucks with a separate email address so that your email inbox should not become full with Swagbucks emails and besides that you continue getting Swagbucks emails.

Use Swagbucks your search engine:

Using Swagbucks your search engine will help you to earn 200 Swagbucks which are equivalent to 2$. Using Swagbucks as search engine and surfing with it will earn you.

Daily polls: 

Daily polls are provided by Swagbucks and if you will answer these daily polls you can earn a lot so you have to answer the polls daily. The monthly earning you will get from this is 0.30$.

Join Swagbucks live:

Swagbucks comes live once in every week so you need to join that live session by playing a trivia game to win thousands of prizes. For performing well in trivia you can earn 300 Swagbucks which can be 3$.

Time and effort:

For making money fast and more, you need to give a proper time and effort by completing daily tasks and taking all the advantages from offers of Swagbucks. Swagbucks most admirable advantage is that it allows the users to earn at anytime whether you are waiting somewhere or are having free time at home you can open the application of Swagbucks in your mobile phone or their website and start doing the tasks like watching videos, answering surveys, etc. 

Refer Swagbucks to friends:

If you want to earn handsome amount from Swagbucks start referring Swagbucs to your relatives and family because with every referral you will get 10% of their earning. More referrals will earn you more money.

Swagbucks is a platform which is providing its users the opportunities to earn in different ways. They only expect to get the rules followed by customers and their time because the more time you give to Swagbucks and more tasks you perform you will get more money.


Swag bucks is a best way to earn by performing different tasks. While talking about the hacks of Swag bucks you are directed to follow the steps described above and you will get more earning. 

Swag Bucks Hacks 800 S4 – Know More

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