The Average NFL Ticket Price

When we talk about sports leagues that are watched the most and greatly liked in the world, it is impossible to omit the National Football League (NFL). The NFL has stadiums crowded weekly with several fans who come to cheer on their favorite teams. These fans have to purchase tickets to be present at each game, the average NFL ticket price varies throughout the season from team to team, as each team’s sales price of tickets differs from the other. It equally has varied over the years; in 2021, the NFL tickets had an overall average price of $390 league-wide, on the secondary market, which was way higher in percentage than in 2019 and other pre-pandemic years. 

The Average NFL Ticket Price

NFL Ticket Price

As games go by the years, tickets increase in its demand because the National Football League is a very popular sport in the United States, and therefore, NFL games are often crammed. This influences the ticket prices and makes them go higher particularly as the season advances toward the NFL Playoffs. Lets know how Average NFL ticket price rise or fall.

Things That Could Cause An Increase Or Decrease in NFL Ticket Prices Include:

1. Teams  

2. Date And Time Of Game

3. Stadium capacity 

4. Seating location in the stadium


Normally, a fan should pay about $160 to $300 to attend an NFL game depending on the teams playing. This relates to both the home team and its opponent as well. There’s also a big relationship between cost and the opposing team’s success. The win-loss record of each team, the popularity of each team, and each team’s earlier season’s winning percentage equally play roles in determining how many tickets to the team’s game will cost. The more triumphant teams will attract higher prices than the less successful teams. 

2022 NFL Top Five Most expensive Teams

(Secondary Market Ticket Price List By Team, According to ‘’)

Las Vegas Raiders $739

New England Patriots $653

Pittsburgh Steelers $580

Tampa Bay Buccaneers $516

Denver Broncos $512

2022 NFL Top Five Least Expensive Teams

(Secondary Market Ticket Price List By Team) According to ‘’)

Atlanta Falcons $236

Washington Commanders $256

Detroit Lions $267

Houston Texans $269

Jacksonville Jaguars $283

Date And Time Of Game

Regularly, ticket prices are elevated immediately after tickets go on sale. Afterward, they decrease around summer and then increase again about a week before the normal season starts. Generally, as the date of the NFL game gets closer, the tickets get cheaper. So if you’re looking to reduce costs, getting tickets on the day of the event or within one week of the game can be economical and may end up saving you about 20% of your money. 

Stadium Capacity

Fresher stadiums will have better luxuries and all-inclusive selections, this might in turn cause an increase in the price you will pay.

Seating Location In The Stadium

Your seating location would also be a determining factor in how much you will pay, lower level seats on the fifty-yard line will invariably be more costly than the seats in the upper levels. 

NFL Dates And Schedules

The NFL roster ranges from August through February with preseason, formal season, and postseason activity. The preseason starts in August and plays up four demonstration games. These games enable coaches and administration to get a nice look at their possible members of the roster, make cuts, and put together their team before the regular season. The normal season starts in September and will see every, team play a 16-game calendar over 17 weeks.

The NFL Playoffs usually kick off on the first weekend of January, and then it goes on into the Divisional Round and lastly, the Conference Championships. 


Since 2012, the average prices of NFL tickets on the secondary market have increased, and over that similar duration, ticket quantity has equally declined considerably. Also, the prices for individual tickets usually fluctuate depending on team success, opponent, days of the week, seating area, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If seats are of different prices, what is it known as?

When seats are not of the same price, it can be known as something called ‘yield management pricing’.

2. At what period do they put NFL tickets on sale?

 After the NFL schedule for the newly coming season has been released, and it has gone past 48 hours, tickets go on sale at secondary ticket markets places after the seats are put up for sale.

3. Can I start checking to see if the 2022 NFL tickets are on sale?

The 2022 NFL schedule was released on the 12th of May and many teams put their single-game tickets up for sale shortly after the expected release, meaning fans can start checking how available their team tickets are.

4. How can I get NFL tickets at a cheaper price?  

While there’s no trick to getting NFL tickets at an all-time low price, getting tickets on the day of the event or within five days of the event might help you save some cash.

The Average NFL Ticket Price

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