What happened to Nicolas Cage?

Nicholas Cage is a Hollywood actor, residing in California, United States. He is widely recognized for portraying some of the major blockbuster action movies produced in the 90s. He was so popular in the 90s creating a buzz in both commercially successful films and even in art films. He even won the academy awards in 1996 for the movie – Leaving Las Vegas. His versatility in acting got his name on top of the highest-grossing movies at that time including in Face/off and in the National Treasure franchise. But for the last couple of decades, to find a fan-favorable Nicolas Cage movie is hard. Let see about What happened to Nicolas Cage?

What happened to Nicolas Cage?

           Now, as of 2022, Nicolas Cage is 58 years old and his new movie – “The unbearable weight of Massive Talents” is out in theatres, people are anxious to know where Nicolas Cage vanished from the past decade and so. But what most people don’t know is that he was still doing movies. Not the big-budgeted studio movies, but low-budget independent films and giving chances to young directors and writers. He did a lot of such movies in the past decade and most of them didn’t make it into consideration of reviews even though the movie was cast with one of the greatest actors of all time.

 “I have done the best work in the last ten years of my entire life”, Nicolas Cage said in an interview, he is positive about all the movies he has done, including Mandy, the pig, and many other films. He doesn’t care about the reviews or the criticism he is getting from the whole world. Rather than wasting his time on this, he’s actually enjoying every moment of making a new movie. The massive talent is the perfect example where he is playing himself in the movies and has a laugh about everything happening to him.


           Nicolas Cage started his career back in the 80s starring in small movies even though he has a closer link to Hollywood than any other. He was the nephew of one of the greatest directors of the New Hollywood era, Francis Ford Coppola. But he never liked to be called by his family name because of the fame they already had, instead he changed his last name from Coppola to Cage and was determined to work his way up by doing everything himself. He did most of the small-budget or B movies at the end of the 80s. 

           Even though he got into many of the movies it took Nicholas Cage a decade to get into the list of A-list actors in Hollywood. In the second half of the 90s, he worked in Leaving Las Vegas which bought him the first Oscar nomination and win. He received the award at a young age which got him cast for much bigger studio movies. Most of these movies were Action flicks and blockbusters in the 90s.


           After having a huge success with movies like face/off and Con Air, he continued to do more action movies and franchise films. But it only lasted till the 40s when he felt uncomfortable working in a studio setting. With the studio’s influence or control over the movies he is working on, he could not go to a level where he would give great performances. Then in the late 2000s, after making the Ghost Rider movie, he slowed down making action movies. It can be for health reasons as well, but he went through a different way of making new movies with new filmmakers.

           Nicolas Cage accepted offers from the small production company to experience new stories and made it into the theatres. With a big name like his, any movie can easily find distributors in the United States. Rather than just considering his career, he helped other filmmakers to get their debut pictures made. During his most spectacular decade, he did most of the animated features that include, Croods, Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse, etc., and all critically praised movies. Still, people think He is not been active for the last decade.


           Nicolas Cage career happened took a lot of ups and downs to get him where he is right now. He is popularized as a millennial star, entertaining audiences with some of the craziest movies with more refreshing personas. Most people in this generation cannot even recognize him as a huge movie star, but he still makes more movies. He enjoys what he is doing more than any of the people criticizing him for bad movie choices. It is unfair to consider a great entertainer’s career to be over by judging from another person’s point of view. Through this article we learnt about what happened to Nicolas Cage.

Q. What is Nicholas Cage’s real name?

           Nicholas Coppola is the real name of Nicholas Cage. He changed his name to hide his identity and relation with the Coppola family.

Q.  What is the Highest-grossing Nicholas Cage movie?

           National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the highest-grossing movie by Nicolas cage. It is the second film in the National Treasure Film Franchise.

What happened to Nicolas Cage?

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