6 Best Modems For Eero Pro 6 – Know More

While you may connect any modem to the Eero Pro 6, to fully exploit the WiFi 6 router, you must guarantee that the modem is capable of handling the network’s speeds. You should also make sure that the modem works well with your internet service provider. Let’s Know More 6 Best Modems for Eero Pro 6.

6 Best Modems For Eero Pro 6

However, in practice, acquiring a router that is genuinely compatible with Eero Pro 6 not easy. In most situations, you’ll find bigger routers with limited ports, inferior technology, and mediocre speeds that contradict the purpose of a Wi-Fi 6 router. To help you evaluate these drawbacks and limits, I’ve produced a list of reputable modems for Eero Pro 6, that can work well with most internet service providers and their internet bundles.

In the subsequent subsections, I will discuss six of the finest Eero Pro 6 compatible routers that will help you reach the fastest possible speeds, the lowest gaming latency, and nearly no streaming delays. Furthermore, the list begins with expensive alternatives, mostly for multi-Gig internet connections, followed by mid-range devices, and finally, cheap routers that can still handle speeds close to 1GB.

S33 Arris Surfboard is the Best

The Arris Surfboard S33, which costs around $191, is a highly handy modem to have, especially for the Eero Pro 6, because it can feed in multi-gig frequencies to assist the mesh router to perform better. Furthermore, if you want simple device control and do not want to worry about maintenance, this is the ideal solution to rely on.

Netgear CM1200 is the best runner-up.

If you want to build up a thorough internet connection, the Netgear CM1200 is one of the best solutions to consider. The presence of four ethernet ports assures that this device may be used in workplaces and large homes where Eero Pro 6 is the preferred mesh router. One cost around $161.

Arris SB8200 is the best multi-ISP compatible router.

The Arris SB8200 extends powerful processing to the next level. It has 3GB RAM, which contributes to low latency. However, because of the link aggregation capabilities, this is the ideal modem to purchase if you have two ISP IPs serving your office or business operation. You should budget $118.94 to get this one.

Motorola MB8600 has the finest AQM compatibility.

The MB8600 is a solid option if you want a simple DOCSIS 3.1 router with no extra bells and whistles. Additionally, if you’re solely interested in its capabilities, this modem is best suited for smaller homes and Eero Pro 6 mesh routers with no more than one or two nodes. One is available for $144.99 on Amazon.

Best Gigabit Internet Plans: CM1100 Netgear

The Netgear CM1100 is a less priced equivalent of the CM1200. However, if you have a tiny residence and may need to utilize a modem-only setup to achieve the best speeds, this is an excellent gadget to choose. This modem is available from Amazon for $145.89.

Arris Surfboard SB6190 is the best under $100.

The Arris SB6190 is one of the more versatile routers on the list, best suited for people who are always on the go and need to deal with numerous ISPs to stay able to access the internet. This modem is available for $89.99.


Each of the modems described above works very well with the Eero Pro 6 mesh router. If you are still uncertain, here are some of the finest solutions based on specific use-cases.

• If you need a modem with a 2.5G Ethernet connector to transmit multi-gig speed to your router without using link aggregation, the Arris Surfboard S33 is the best option.

• The Netgear CM1200 is worth considering if you want to use many IPs to obtain multi-gig speeds via link aggregation while also having the freedom to connect directly to bandwidth-intensive devices.

• Finally, if you want value and a well-balanced feature set without foregoing DOCSIS 3.1 innovation, the no-frills Motorola MB8600 is a fantastic option to consider. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Modems for Eero Pro 6

  • Is a modem required for Eero Pro 6?

Yes, despite being a mesh router, Eero Pro 6 needs a modem connection to utilize the bandwidth provided by the ISP. Without the modem, the router will only be used for creating local area networks and will not be able to access the internet.

  • Can I use Eero Pro 6 in conjunction with my multi-router setup?

Yes, Eero may be utilized with a modem-router combination if an Ethernet cable is used to connect.

  • Is it necessary to connect Eero Pro 6 to the modem?

To utilize the internet, you must connect the Eero Pro 6 mesh router to the modem through the WAN port. If you wish to build up a full mesh network, the nodes must also be linked to the Eero Pro 6 through Ethernet connections.

6 Best Modems For Eero Pro 6 – Know More

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