Aldo Return Policy: Lets Know More About This     

Aldo group of companies is a Canadian-originated shoe and accessories brand that is currently operating with 3000 stores in 100 countries. Their designs are an epitome of casual fused with luxury for everyday chic looks. Aldo with its prominent popularity made its way through the continents and even made its online presence as an e-commerce store. Shoppers tend to go fanatic over purchasing items from Aldo. The promising quality and top-notch product aspect make millions of potential customers swipe their cards. Claiming itself as a “Customer-centered” brand, Aldo caters to its customers in all processes. Purchase or return, Aldo has well regulatory policies to cater to its customers with satisfaction and credibility. Lets know about Aldo Return Policy.

Aldo Return Policy

Meticulously disciplined and highly convenient, Aldo has a flexible return policy. After purchasing a regular product, Aldo accepts returns within the time span of 14 days. Aldo restricts clients on a few items that cannot be returned such as Lingerie, undergarments, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories cannot. For sale items, Aldo supports product returns within seven days of making a purchase.

Aldo Embracing Diversity 

 Expanding its stores to almost 100 countries Aldo has proven itself to be a maestro in empowering diversity. The cross-cultured practice incorporated in their designs has excelled the brand in a competitive marketplace.

Every continent mapped to date has also starred with its phenomenal presence. The Canadian-based brand had adapted well to the diversified culture across borders and is continuing to expand further.

Aldo – Customer Support Policy

A brand on its journey to expansion requires a two-way effort. Extensive market research is conducted on the potential target market to carry out smooth operations. Aldo with its friendly and convenient customer support policy has stood out prominently. Its rapid global expansion speaks volumes about “How readily it adapted as per the locality’s and customer’s requirement”.

Aldo has a very flexible customer support policy as they believe in prioritizing their customers. Any customer concerns related to inadequate service, product manufacturing default, return policy, or refund concerns; everything is taken into serious consideration and solved first and foremost.

 Product Return Policy for Different Categories

Sometimes customers are doubtful about their purchase. In other events, they find unfortunate defects and decide to return the purchased it. Aldo with a comprehensive product return policy facilitates clients with their purchase returns. To return an order at Aldo, the following are the pointers that are reviewed to ensure authenticity.

  • Product Return Policy for “Regular products”

Purchases are guaranteed to be returned and credited if they are bought back in sellable condition without usage. The purchased item should not be washed or used prior to the return. The product should be packed with the price tag and transaction receipt. The sole purpose of receipt is to trace the purchase on the system for crediting the money.

Furthermore, for the time period limitation, a product can be returned within 14 days. A day more than 14 days in total will result in nullifying the product return policy and will not be applied whatsoever.

  • Product Return Policy for “Sale products”

Products that are purchased from the sale are bounded to return within the time span of 7 days. Products on sale are in high demand with limited-time offers therefore these sales have comparatively lesser time for purchase return.

  • Product Return Policy for “Promotional/ Discounted Scheme Products”

Promotional and schematic products are seasonal with even lesser time than discounts. Therefore any product bought from promotional and discounted scheme sales is ineligible to be returned at all. Aldo prioritizes its customer base holistically and favors’ policies that are fair and sound to all.

A promotional product being sold lessens the chance for the next customer to avail of it. This is the reason why Aldo treasures the discounts and promotions  that it offers in return for the customers to respect and dignify the process.

Aldo Step-to-Step Guide on Returning Purchased Products

Aldo practices a user-friendly procedure to return a product. For a smooth procedure of returning a product following are the steps to be followed:

  1. A customer needs to make sure that the product is not worn or washed and should be intact in its packaging with the receipt and price tag.
  1. The customer has to make a decision of product return within 14 days of the purchase and not longer than that.
  1. For store-bought products, the customer has to report the return at the store respectively. For the online bought product the customer has to request the online forum via mail or customer form to return the product.

Aldo has strived and made commendable efforts to maintain its reputation in an international forum. The product return policy at Aldo is an evident sign of its extraordinary customer service policies. Brands similar to Aldo grow and prosper because they think strategically in a two-way approach. Aldo is successful for many factors among which its customer service holds a prominent place.


Q: Will Aldo accept my product return if it’s an online order?

A: Yes! Aldo accepts the return of online orders within the same time span as that of stores.

Q: Is Aldo one of the market leaders?

A: Absolutely! Aldo has not only revolutionized the style game but also introduced some new dynamics for similar brands.

Q: Is Aldo a customer-friendly brand?

A: Aldo claims and practices customer-friendly policies to signify the place it holds for its customers.

Aldo Return Policy: Lets Know More About This     

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