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We are living in a technological world where from kids to children, and from youngsters to elders, all are having a cellphone 24/7 in their hands and pockets. Even, using plenty of communication apps to save balance is also quite common now. From numerous messengers to loads of professional applications, we are fully caged with different gadgets. The arrival of coronavirus makes things online which means that people now are fully dependent on social media platforms. Apps like Monkey is a video chat platform for interacting with new people and making friends. With the help of this software, anyone can video chat privately or randomly with new individuals to get to know them. Over 3 million people have downloaded the Monkey app, and there are currently 300,000 active users.

Apps like Monkey

What other apps can be used as an alternative to the monkey app?

Listed below are the best top 8 apps that appear to be like the Monkey app in terms of features and usage:

1) Melon:

One of the finest exchanges to the monkey app as it leads to chatting while having a live video stream. This app connects a single individual with the entire globe. It has superior-class video chatting features with lightning-fast video live. The app is easy to use having multiple features including chatting, making friends, and exchanging words via photos and videos. Free to use the app but in the case of using a regional filter, one has to pay $19.99 /month to $6.99 /week.

2) Chatous:

A social media platform just like the monkey app but having a restricted age limit. The user must be 17 years older or above to use this app. Having 10 million users all over the world, it’s an entirely free-to-use app. This means the user can use its all features without paying any secret amount. It is available on both, Android and IOS which makes it more user-friendly. Like other apps, one can easily communicate, share photos, and videos and interact with each other.

3) Yubo:

If you are in search of meeting new people or looking for a relationship, Yubo likely aids you a lot. The app appears to be like a dating app just like tinder. A maximum of 10 people will be going to be available on a live streaming chat. Along with communication, an individual can play games too. Surprisingly, it coincides with Snapchat which provides users with marvelous lenses, and filters. A user-friendly app that provides audio conferencing, video conferencing, and numerous chat features. With 20 million users globally, the app freely appears on the app store and play store.

4) Hoop:

Hoop nourishes the Snapchat community and a similar social media platform just like the monkey app. The app is having 20 million downloads now and is readily available on the app store and play store. To have more fun and have a slight change, the user has to collect diamonds. The sole aim of collecting diamonds is that one will be able to send a request or requests another Snapchat ID.

5) Holla:

Similar to the monkey app, Holla is another alternative app. This app is widely known for its communication services. The unique feature of this app is that one can automatically get in touch with a stranger and can have a live video chat. Also, one-to-one video chat is its odd feature. One can also use language translation features to overcome language issues. The biggest flaw of this app is that it is restricted to Google play and can be seen in 190 countries only.

6) Camfrog:

It is a video chat room that frequently connects its user to strangers. One can have video chat, random chats, voice messages, and many more features resembling the monkey app. Available on Android and IOS, one has to pay $ 3 /month in a case, if they want to create a group or a channel on the app.

7) Ablo:

The app is again more or less, a copy of the monkey app but the language translation feature makes it unique from the monkey social media platform. Present on both, Google Play and the app store. The free version of the app aids the user to connect with a maximum of 10 people. To have more people in conversation, the person has to pay a specific amount.

8) Hello Yo:

It provides a free audio chat facility. A much-loving app for music and game lovers, A fully secure application that users should not be worried about anything. It is present on android and IOS platforms.


Precisely, the Monkey app is a social media platform where one can have chatting with anonymous users. Its interesting features make it famous and popular among its users globally. Everything has its positive and negative impacts. The same is the case with the monkey app which leads, users, to look to other alternatives. The above-mentioned are the remarkable alternatives that can be widely used by all of us.


1) Is the monkey app safe to use?

The possibility of sexualized content is very much easy and kids will come in contact with such inappropriate material. So, it’s not safe for kids to use.

2) Name the app which is best for the private video call?

Signal Private Messenger, appears to be the best app for private video calls.

3) Define Monkeyweb.

Monkey web is defined as an online communication service that resembles Omegle having a TikTok-style interface. One can easily talk to strangers globally via webcam.

4) At which age, one can use the monkey app?

The app can be used by 13 years and older but there’s no proof of age specification so anyone can have it.

Apps like Monkey -Know More

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