Best Grocery Credit Card

The average American household spends about $5,000 per year on food at home according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Survey. They can also be a great strain on finances but a good grocery card can help with the bills. The best grocery card rewards you for purchases made. They give bonus points or even cash back for your grocery purchases. Some of the best grocery cards are Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express and the American Express Gold Card.  Let’s identify the best grocery cards and their features. Lets know more about the Best Grocery Credit Card.

Best Grocery Credit Card

Credit Cards Benefits

     Credit cards enable users to use money from the card up to a distinct margin to make purchases or even to withdraw. All credit card holders are to pay back the funds with interest, though this is according to the institution’s terms.

     But imagine having to earn money for spending. That’s amazing right! Using a grocery credit card earns you reward and bonus points as a consumer. For a grocery credit card to qualify as the best, it ought to offer the best regards when it comes to bonuses and cash backs.

How Can One Select The Best Grocery Card?

     Grocery cards are best utilized if you are the type that spends huge deals on everyday purchases. Before you go in search of the best grocery card, first understand your spending habits. 

Best Grocery Credit Card

     Here are the top picks when it comes to grocery cards:

  1. Blue Cash Preferred Card From American Express

     This card provides a 6% cash back on all purchases up to $6000 per year. This further means that making an average purchase of $500 per month earns you a $360 cash back by year-end. This card is best used for families who want to save on food budgets.

     The Blue Cash Preferred Card relinquishes the first year’s annual fee. But for the other years, the introductory fee is $95 but your rewards can always make up for this. 

     Cashing out your rewards is possible only when you have a balance of more than $25. You have the following redeeming options: shopping with your reward, receiving a statement credit for redeeming gift cards.

  1. Citi Custom Cash Card

     A very important feature of this card is that it doesn’t charge an annual fee unlike the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express which waives the first year but collects for subsequent years.

     The card provides a 5% cash back on all purchases of up to $6000 per year that is on all purchases up to $500 per month.

  1. Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

     The cashback rate  is smaller than that of the Blue Cash Preferred Card. This card only gives a 3% cash back on all purchases of $6000 per year ie $500 per month. The major perk of this card is that it offers a $0 annual fee. 

     The earned cash back here comes as reward dollars. However, there are terms associated with this card 

  1. American Express Gold Card

     This card is best for people who want to earn points. It is one of the most rewarding cards for supermarkets as it offers great value membership reward points. If you see yourself as an everyday spender, this card is your best bet. 

     Using this card, you earn a 4 point on all restaurants which covers delivery and take outs and also at US Supermarket on purchases up to #25,000 per year. 

     A downside to this card is that it charges an annual fee of $250. This is higher than what other cards are charging.

  1. Capital One Savor Cash Reward Card

     If you’re looking for an unlimited cashback reward, this card is your go-to. This card offers you an unlimited 4% cash back on entertainment and dining, 3% on groceries and 1% on every other purchase. If you’re a foodie,  here’s your card. 

     The beautiful part of this card’s rewards is that it doesn’t expire and it can be redeemed in various ways. While travelling with this card and having intentions of making purchases, there is a 0% foreign transaction fee. The unlimited bonus on the groceries and restaurant purchases makes it ideal for people who have heavy purchases 

     A major setback to this card is the $95 annual fee associated with it. However, on opening the account you earn a one time $300 bonus the moment you purchase $3000.

     Other groceries cards include:

  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card
  • Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi
  • Discover It Secured Credit Card
  • Discover It Cash Back.


     Grocery Credit Cards provide rewards on all purchases made. It is expedient to know that grocery cards are divided into different categories. The first is the Cashback grocery credit card which allows for cash earnings on grocery purchases. Then, the next is the grocery and dining card which provides rewards on restaurants and groceries. All these cards come with perks and downsides, look closely to determine your perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Do grocery cards have rewards?

     Yes, the grocery card offers lots of bonus rewards.

  1. Is there a beat grocery card?

     The best grocery card is an individual answer. Look into your spending habits and compare with the various kinds of cards, determine the best grocery card for you 

  1. Can I own more than one credit card?

     Yes,  you can have more than one credit card even if it’s from the same financial institution. 

Best Grocery Credit Card

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