Best Ikea Bedding

Bedding is a term used for bedclothes, bed linen, or any textile materials placed above the foam or mattress of a bed for any reason like warmth, hygiene, appearance, protection of the mattress, and decoration purposes. It is also an easily washable and removable material that people use to cover their mattresses. There are several retailers of beddings in the whole world and among those, IKEA is a globally known Swedish retailer founded in 1943 by a young boy Ingvar Kamprad. IKEA has a wide range of product lines like home accessories, furniture, kitchen appliances, bedding, etc. 

Best Ikea Bedding

IKEA has the vision to produce a better life experience every day for many people by offering high-quality, affordable, and sustainable products to their customers constantly. There are many types of bedding articles that include fitted sheets, comforters, mattress covers, flat sheets, pillowcases, quilts, bed skirts, duvet covers, and shams, but three are more common: Top, fitted, and pillowcases. IKEA has a wide variety of bedding ranges in different styles, materials, sizes, and retail prices, and they are mostly constructed from blended cotton, 100% cotton, or polyester blend. These are the fabric constructions that breathe well and provide a healthier environment to sleep.

Commonly Used Bedding 

The commonly used bedding material is Egyptian cotton, percale cotton, and high-quality linen. IKEA offers a huge variety of materials in bedding to choose from polyester, satin, and lyocell but much of their bedding range consists of 100% cotton that has inherited qualities like softness, comfortability, and wicks away moisture. Bedding from polyester is the most economical but not much comfortable as it is a non-breathable and synthetic material. But a fabric blend of cotton and polyester works well. Silk is the coolest and softest fabric among all but the most expensive one for bedding. Cotton is a natural and pure material that makes the woven fabric breathable, soft on the skin, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Since 2015, IKEA has been using all the cotton that comes from more sustainable sources that are grown with less or recycled water, less chemical fertilizer, and pesticides. 

The bedding range of IKEA has the following list of articles:

  • Bed linen
  • Bedsheets
  • Duvet Covers
  • Cushions and cushion covers
  • Blankets and throws
  • Pillows

There are some advantages and disadvantages of IKEA bedding:


  • Availability of a wide range of products
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Economical or affordable


  • Significant differences between the quality of products
  • European size range may not fit UK size mattress 
  • Limited range of colors and prints

IKEA offers a bedding range in four sizes including the single (90 cm x 190 cm), double (135 cm x 190 cm), king (150 cm x 200 cm), and super king (180 cm x 200 cm). The range is further divided into solid dyed articles, printed articles, and yarn-dyed articles. The best IKEA bedding product is DVALA in solid dyed sheets and BRUNKRISLA in printed sheets. DVALA is a design that has existed for the last 20 years, and it is a very economical sheet meeting the needs of many people with limited budgets. Another famous design name is BRUNKRISLA which is also one of the simplest but supreme printed bedlinens and it is all-time famous among IKEA customers. 

  1. DVALA

This product range has some prominent qualities like softness, durability, and comfort. DVALA has a 152-thread count (the higher the thread count, the denser the woven fabric). Thread count (TC) shows the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. DVALA is available in different sizes and different colors. It is a solid dyed fitted sheet and has six color variants.


This product range is made up of 100% cotton, as cotton is a durable and natural material and it becomes softer after every wash. It also has a 152 thread count and hidden press studs to keep the duvet in place. It is a big check-printed article and is available in three color variants. 


IKEA is a renowned retailer in home accessories and has a wide product range in bedding including bed sheets, fitted sheets, cushions, pillows, duvet covers, throws, and blankets. IKEA designs products in a way that they satisfy customers’ various needs and reflect a people-oriented design concept. IKEA has a wide range of bedding in terms of product type, stitching style, size, color, construction, and composition. Despite the mentioned features of IKEA bedding, IKEA needs to improve on a few points like quality variations among the products, limited colors, and printed range.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best IKEA bedding?

DVALA and BRUNKRISLA are the best bedding designs by IKEA.

  1. What are the positive features of IKEA bedding?

It is affordable, sustainably sourced, and has a wide range of products.

  1. How can IKEA bedding improve?

IKEA needs to address quality differences between its products and should add more vibrant colors and prints to its portfolio.

Best Ikea Bedding

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