Costco Return Policy On Clothes Year Policy

It is a wholesale multinational corporation that offers membership only to the retailers. It is the fifth largest retailer in the world. It gains fewer profits for goods rather it takes much profit through membership. It is known for its quality product.Costco is a multinational corporation known for its 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is also known for its top-quality goods and brands. Costco has a wide variety of clothes from top brands to its signature brand i.e., Kirkland. Let us see about Costco Return Policy on clothes in this article.

Costco Return Policy On Clothes Year Policy

Costco Return Policy on Clothes: Explained in Detail

Costco offers an impressive return policy to its customers both online and offline. It will help you whether you have the proper bills or not, whether you have intent tags or not. You don’t even need a receipt for that clothing item. But all you need to have is your Costco membership card. You cannot initiate a return without the membership card.

Costco accepts the return after checking that the clothes are in good condition and not damaged. It does not matter whether they have tags or not. Costco can discard the return if the product is damaged. Costco does not mention any fixed time within which the clothes need to be returned. so sometimes Costco can accept worn clothes also. If you want to return an item to Costco, you should first wash it properly and then return it to the company. Costco will also accept returns if you don’t have a receipt. So, you should not worry if your receipt is lost, you must have a Costco membership card and a valid e-mail id.

After 90 days, does Costco accept returns?

No, Costco does not make it clear about a fixed period for returning items. For some products, the return period is within 90days. But this does not apply to all products. The customer can return the item whenever he wants to return it. According to the policy of Costco, in the terms of clothing, you can return the items whenever you want. There is no time limit for clothes.

Return can be initiated at Costco for the following reasons:

  • You do not want the item
  • You are not fully satisfied with the product
  • Your purchase was a mistake 
  • You received an incorrect item
  • A duplicate item has been given to you
  • You did not accept the product at the time of delivery because the item or the box was damaged
  • There the item is missing
  • Your product was lost during shipment.

How to return Costco clothes online?

Costco gives a very effective return policy to its customers. You can easily return your clothes either online or offline and you don’t even need tags and any receipt. Here are the steps mentioned to follow while returning clothes online to Costco:

  1. Open your browser and log in to
  2. Select the option given their “orders and returns”
  3. Button next to the clothing item, click on “return items” which you want to return and follow the steps to return or replace your item.
  4. Print the labels of your return item and paste them into the clothing item.
  5. Then the last step, you have to arrange a courier to deliver back the product to the warehouse.

For the clothes that you have returned to the warehouse, you will get a refund amount for that including your shipping and extra charges. It will be transferred back into your bank account.

If you are not a member of Costco, can you return an item?

According to the policy of Costco, it is preferred to have a membership during returning an item but you can also return if you are not. For that, you must have the receipt so that Costco can get the member who purchased the item.

 Then they will accept the return. They will give you a gift card for that amount or they will give you the amount you paid.


Costco provides its customers with a very well return and refund policy for clothes. You can return the item whether you have the receipt or tags or you don’t have those. But it does not offer any exchange policy to its customers. Only when the returned cloth is damaged or not in proper condition then only it rejects the return. 

You can return the clothes online or either by visiting the Costco store.  the staff will surely help you.

Frequently asked questions: –
  1. After 2 years, can I return a clothing item to Costco?

Yes, you can return any clothing item anytime when you feel dissatisfied with the item.

  1. With returned clothing items, what does Costco do?

Based on their condition, Costco uses the returned item for resale if they are new, sometimes they dispose of and sometimes they send them to liquidation zones.

  1. Do Costco look up the clothing receipt?

If your purchased time is within 2 years you can view or print out a copy and send it to you can get a copy of your receipt for every purchase you made through Costco

Costco Return Policy On Clothes Year Policy

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