Do Gas Stations Sell Wine? – Know More

A gas station is a facility that sells road fuel and engine lubricants to vehicles. They usually have a small store accompanying it which serves as convenience stores for many people. They don’t likely really make much profit selling gas compared to selling valuable pieces of stuff for customers on the go. Let us know ‘Do Gas Stations Sell Wine?’.

Do Gas Stations Sell Wine?

Gas stations that sell wine are like icing on the cake used to attract people to make more money. Since it is a favorite go-to drink for many, it makes sense for them to sell it. Regarding the sale of alcoholic wine, it depends on where you are because not all gas station stores are licensed to sell it. But they are never sold to underage kids.

What Do Gas Stations Sell?

In as much as you can consider gas stations a mini grocery store, the simple answer is Gas!! However, they have convenience stores that sell from alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine, soda, drugs, biscuits, and beer, to bread and even all your cigarettes and tobacco needs.

Pros Of Selling Wine In A Gas Station


Just imagine closing from the day’s job, tired and just in a hurry to go home and rest. But then again, you need gas. Thankfully, you pull up on the way home at the gas station and also grab a bottle of wine to help you unwind. Cool right? A perfect time-saving tip.

More Profit

Gas stations make extra profit from the sale of items other than gas sold in their stores. Wine is an example of a typical side attraction that draws people from their cars into a store. Once, they get into the store, they might end up getting other kinds of stuff as well which equals more sales and more profit.

Stand Out From Your Competition

Convenience stores in gas stations strategically position your facility and give tangible reasons for customers to choose your facility over others. Being a good first impression, would sustain your business in the long run and enlarge your customer base considerably.

Cons Of Selling Wine In A Gas Station

Impulsive Buying

As enticing as it is to branch into the store while filling up your car with gas, you run the risk of making an impulsive buy that can lead to overspending. Sometimes, you end up buying items you might not necessarily need.

Gateway To Robbery

Sadly, convenience stores in gas stations are prone to robbery attacks and harassment. Especially if it is located in a volatile area where there is low security, plenty of cash, and defenseless customers.


Seeing how customers flock around your gas station and visit the convenience stores, your competitor can get jealous, discriminate and start looking for ways to be at the advantage. This can result in threats and fear of the unknown which might ultimately end the business.

Increased Risk

Wine sold at gas stations particularly alcohol can expose people to wine misuse, and drunk driving. Underage individuals can take advantage of this avenue to get alcoholic drinks from these stores which they might otherwise not get elsewhere putting the lives of others at risk.  

What Are The Type Of Drinks Sold At The Gas Stations?

In addition to caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks, juice, milk, coffee, sports drinks, bottled water, energy drinks, and beer are sold. Even better, these drinks are kept at a perfect cool temperature that will be refreshing from your first swallow. 

Are Gas Stations Our Only Option When It Comes To Buying Wine?

Most Americans purchase their wine in a wine/liquor store. You can buy it in bulk if you’ve got an approved place to store it. Another best place to buy wine is to order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. If you are looking for a cheaper option, buying online might be the best option for you just ensure you are older than 21 years.


Gas shopping habit has become very prevalent among people living in America. The fact that gas stations make their money from these accompanying convenience stores makes it a win-win situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

is it safe to buy wine from Gas stations?

Yes. wine sold in gas stations is regulated by the authorities and safe to buy.

Is it profitable to own a gas station?

You can make a fortune from owning gas stations and their corresponding convenience stores located anywhere in the United States.

Which Gas stations are allowed to sell alcoholic wine?

Depending on the location, only qualified licensed gas station convenience stores are allowed to sell alcoholic wine

Can an underage kid buy wine from the gas station?

Of course, there is no law barring the sales of non-alcoholic wine by a minor at the gas station.

Do Gas Stations Sell Wine? – Know More

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