Do U-Haul trailers have GPS?

We have all used them to transport or move large, heavy goods or carry something from one place to another sometimes in our ever-changing, constantly moving existence. A small cargo van like those provided by U-Haul may come in quite handy in these situations. However, it can also be dangerous, resulting in a collision and serious accidents on the road. Driving across the nation is a difficult task. You need to drive safely while navigating different terrains and avoiding other vehicles. Using a rental truck or pulling a trailer doesn’t make cross-country travel any simpler. Here we will see about Do U-Haul trailers have GPS?

When U-Haul rentals provide in-town and one-way moving services, you have to question if they have integrated GPS systems or tracking devices. Here is all the information you need about U-Haul trailers GPS systems.

Do U-Haul trailers have GPS?

Unfortunately, GPS navigation devices are not included with U-Haul rental vehicles and trailers. This means that when transferring your assets, you’ll need to supply your GPS device and navigation. Tracking systems are also often absent from U-Haul vehicles; however, this can vary from dealer to dealer. The majority of U-Haul vehicles and towing equipment lack attached or built-in tracking systems. This can change, though, if you’re leasing from a private, independent dealer. You can use their official location finder to locate a U-Haul location close to you. From there, you can call and find out whether the establishment is privately or corporately owned.

However, more than 90% of truck rental firms do not outfit their moving vans, trucks, or other vehicles with GPS vehicle monitoring devices, even though certain independent U-Haul dealers ensure that trucks have GPS. If you intend to use U-Haul Truck Share 24/7, you’ll need GPS on your smartphone. U-Haul created this program to make it simple for their clients to reserve, pick up, and return their rental trucks. To learn more, go to the U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 webpage. 

Tips to Help Prevent U-Haul Truck Theft:

While you’re moving, your U-Haul rental car or belongings may get stolen. Not everyone might have gone through this situation, but there is still a risk. There are numerous horrifying tales of families who, owing to carelessness, lost everything. Not to mention, the towing and rental vehicles from U-Haul lack embedded tracking mechanisms.

If your U-Haul gets stolen while you’re moving, what can you do?

a. Make sure that your moving truck is always locked –

Unfortunately, locks are not included with U-Haul rental cars or towing equipment. But the business does offer a vast selection of locks, bolts, and latches. Disc locks are usually the best secure option available, as they’re harder to cut and drill through. It is highly recommended that you use a lock during your next move to mitigate the risk of theft and burglary.

b. Always park in well-lit areas –

Another bad idea is to leave your U-Haul truck parked on the street. To avoid thieves and intruders, you should back your U-Haul into parking spaces only when deterring thieves is possible.

c. Equip a real-time or personal GPS tracker somewhere on the moving truck.

d. Take insurance –

Through one of U-several Haul’s coverage plans, you can further safeguard yourself against theft and robbery. For its rental cars and towing vehicles, U-Haul offers a variety of coverage options. Robbery and burglary may be covered by their Safestor insurance. Although not all of your belongings and valuables will be covered by this policy, it can still be a good safety net. This kind of coverage won’t be provided by every U-Haul dealer and location, either. Use the official U-Haul location locator to look up the closest dealership for the most precise information. Then, you can call and talk with their customer service staff to determine what suits you and your situation best.

e. Consider buying a steering wheel lock 

Your best option for defending yourself against theft and burglary is your homeowner’s insurance. But not every homeowner’s insurance plan is made equal. It would help if you ascertained the specifics of your policy’s coverage as well as any accompanying fine print. To obtain the most precise information available, make sure to call your insurance provider and chat with a representative.


Since less than 10% of U-Haul vehicles have GPS trackers, you are responsible for safeguarding their property and returning the truck without incident. The five suggestions for protecting a moving truck rental must be followed, but the two best ways to guarantee that your move is completed safely are to obtain the necessary insurance (U-Haul cover theft) and employ a fleet tracking system. Because U-Haul is so pricey (along with businesses like Safe-Move Plus), you may assume that insurance and GPS car monitoring would be included. However, since they are not, you should take the required precautions to ensure your moving trucks and equipment.

Do U-Haul trailers have GPS?

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