Does T-Mobile Do Upgrades?

T-Mobile is a telecom operator that was first launched in Germany in 1996. With its current nationwide 5G network, T-Mobile will provide secure connectivity to everyone. The 5G network that T-Mobile has officially launched runs at breathtaking speeds of up to 2 Gigabytes per second. With over 30% of the population as subscribers, T-Mobile US operates the second-largest wireless network in the country. Let us know ‘Does T-Mobile Do Upgrades?’.

Does T-Mobile Do Upgrades?

Are you using a 4G smartphone and you want to upgrade your phone with T-Mobile? At the end of this article, you will know if you can do phone network upgrades on T-Mobile.

Does T-Mobile do upgrades?

Yes, T-Mobile offers upgrades for everyone in America. The upgrade works like ‘Trade by Barter. You exchange your 3G or 4G smartphones and get a 5G smartphone. And guess what? It is for free!

Because the majority of Americans do not own a 5G smartphone, T-Mobile is offering this upgrade program to encourage more 5G usage in the country. As a result, T-Mobile is providing everyone with a free 5G phone since, as we all know, a 5G phone is necessary for a 5G experience.

T-Mobile has managed to address the issues of limited 5G coverage and expensive 5G phones, even though no telecommunications provider is yet to do so. The company is doing this with its most recent campaign, 5G For All. This new offer is unique because it offers both a broadly accessible wireless broadband home internet service and free 5G phones. The first telecom provider to make such deals. 

How T-Mobile Upgrade Works?

The process of upgrading is quite easy. You can get a new phone for free from T-Mobile if you take your old one to the nearest T-Mobile store and trade it in. You receive a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone in exchange for an android phone if the one you’re trading is an android. Guess what, too? Both new and existing T-Mobile Telecom customers are eligible for this offer. Also, T-Mobile would accept any old phone you have, even as old as the Motorola flip phone as long as it is in usable condition.

Of course, iPhone users are also included in this. If you already own an iPhone, say an iPhone 11, you can upgrade for free to a 5G iPhone 12. If you upgrade an older iPhone, you’ll get an iPhone 12, but you’ll have to pay half as much as the iPhone 12. Customers with relatively old iPhone models, such as the iPhone 5s or 6, can upgrade and receive an iPhone 12 mini for half the price. 

T-Mobile Home Internet Access?

A broadband home internet connection was not formerly as popular as it is today. However, since the pandemic, having a home internet connection is now required and desired in every American home. Before T-Mobile Launched its 5G network coverage, customers could only fantasize about having high-speed internet. Now, it’s all happening with T-Mobile.

On its first day of operation, T-Mobile Home Internet had more than 30 million eligible households, making it one of the largest broadband providers in the entire country.

In rural America, where nearly one-fourth of all homes lack access to any high-speed broadband, the problem of affordable, dependable broadband is particularly worrisome. Approximately 40 percent of homes with this broadband connection reside in regions with just one provider, most likely Verizon, which means there is no competition. With plans to further increase access, T-Mobile made sure that approximately 10 million of the households already eligible for T-Mobile Home Internet are in rural America.

Unlimited 5G data on T-Mobile!

It can be annoying to have a 5G phone but not be able to utilize it completely due to a little data plan. For users of the enhanced 5G network, T-Mobile is providing an unlimited data plan. 60 million Americans still use limited data plans today, with likely little to no access to 5G. People who have these limited data plans and a slow network can upgrade with the incredible Trade-Up offer to get unlimited data and complete access to T-5G Mobile’s network.


The introduction of this offer to upgrade 3G/4G phones to 5G for free by T-Mobile, a top telecoms provider in the US is quite astounding. Even more amazing is the opportunity to use wireless networks as a high-speed home internet provider. For families with few options for internet access in the past, this T-Mobile Home Internet service proves to be of great value. The promise of 5G appears to be starting to materialize at last.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. How do I know if T-Mobile 5G network coverage is available in my area?

T-Mobile has an app for you to easily check if your area has this service.

  1. Does T-Mobile offer internet access for businesses? 

Yes, they offer internet access for your business so you can always keep your employees and customers connected and productive.

Does T-Mobile Do Upgrades?

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