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Films are a great way of marketing for companies. A superhit film influences the lives of millions of people. Blockbuster films can change the future of a filmmaking studio therefore every studio is interested in making unique and impactful films. Target is a merchandise retailer company that sells its products in its stores and through online e-commerce. Many people are curious to know if Target Develop Films or not.

Does Target Develop Films?

Target currently doesn’t develop films. Target is a renowned company having more than 1,931 stores in the USA as of the 2019 survey and comes at 37 in the 2020 Fortune 500 lists of companies. This company was once in the film industry but it took its exit a long time ago. 

Though there is a related service of Target named Target Photo which provides customized photos on phone covers, water bottles, tea cups, calendars, etc. It also has the option to deliver the photo to the nearest store for a pick-up.

Why does Target leave the Filmmaking Industry?

Target was earlier into film making industry but it took its exit in 2013. Target hasn’t given any specific reason for this. But it is mostly due to

  • The changing markets and uprising of OTT platforms, and social media have led people to watch movies at home rather than visiting theatres.
  • Film making industry required very high investment and with people moving forward with streaming services, Target taking its foot out of film making industry makes sense. 
  • Also when the digital cameras came into the market, the film market was the most affected as the digital camera do not require films anymore. The more digital the movie industry is going, the less sustainable the film market is becoming. Target company expected this to happen and therefore decided to step out of this market.  

Which Stores Develop Films?

Stores like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc are all into filmmaking services. Walmart provides the cheapest options but is found to have a long turnaround time and very limited options. Wallgreens are much better at turnaround time but are more expensive. CVS provides great quality films with less turnaround time. Depending on the store, it can cost around 9 – 18$ to develop one roll of film.

What Types of Films do these Stores Develop?

When buying film, it is important to look into the types of films available in the store. Walmart, CVS & Walgreens generally develop 35 mm color as well as black and white films.

  • Disposable cameras, 
  • APS(Advantix) 110mm,
  • and slide films are also available in these stores. 

What are the Other Photo Services at Target?

Target photo offers a variety of services in photo printing. Target photo allows you to create your own 

  • gallery of photo frames, 
  • metal prints, 
  • mugs, 
  • passport photos, 
  • phones cases, 
  • canvas prints

The service allows you to print a variety of sizes and finishes through online websites or stores. Target photo also allows you to use your company logos, and brand names in the prints. It is available on the official Target Photo website. 

To print pictures from Target, you can upload photos on the app through your phone. Then select “prints”. You can customize by choosing the print size, framing, finish, etc. These prints can be picked up from the stores within an hour. 

Why choose Target Photo to make prints?

Target photo provides high-quality prints.

Unique Designs: There are an ample amount of themes and designs from which you can choose for your photos.

Variety: you get to choose from a wide range of items to personalize. From stationery items to gifts to home decor. Most items can be customized with the selected color, finish and template options and in a variety of sizes.

Speed: Items are printed within 2 – 4 business days and are shipped immediately. 


Target is one of the biggest companies in the USA. It is the eighth largest retailer in the markets of the USA. It is also a part of the S&P 500 index. Though Target is not in film making industry it has a wide range of other services. Target photo offers a variety of printing services with high-quality products and is convenient to make. The digital prints can be easily picked up from a nearby Target photo store in an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Target develop Kodak films?

Target is not into any filmmaking business. It stopped making films in 2013. 

Therefore Target doesn’t develop Kodak films.

2) How long does it take to develop a film?

Developing a film takes at least 90 mins by hand and machines are capable of doing it within 30 mins.

3) Does target makes good quality photos?

Target’s photo quality is very good. Target uses high-quality paper to print photos. It also provides various print sizes and finishes. 

4) Does Target develop a 35mm film?

Target doesn’t develop 35 mm film. Target stopped making films in the year 2013.

Does Target Develop Films? -Know More

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