Famous Left-Handed People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Lefties?

Being left-handed is a very unique gift. Around 10% of the global population are left-handed, and among them many are famous celebrities who we did not know are left-handed. Do we have a day for them to be celebrated and appreciated? Well, yes. August 13 is celebrated as the International Left-Handers Day. This day is celebrated as a holiday to honor their rarity and respect their struggles in the world of primary right-handers. Dean R. Campbell, an American spokesman, first celebrated the day dedicated to the Left in 1976. He founded Lefthanders International, Inc. In a world with more right-handed people, International Left-Handed Day celebrates left-handed or more efficient left-handed people and raises awareness of the pros and cons of left-handed people. Let’s Know More About Famous Left-Handed People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Lefties.

Famous Left-Handed People You Probably Didn't Know Were Lefties

There are many world leaders and celebrities, not to mention the left-handed general public. Many people feel just as comfortable with both hands. From Neil Armstrong to Angelina Jolie, the list of famous left-handed celebrities is endless.

Who are the famous left-handed celebrities?

So, below are the list of the famous left-handed people around the globe:-

  1. Oprah Winfrey- We have seen Oprah Winfrey in her talk show and also in a cooking show. Well, if you have noticed carefully enough, she mainly uses her left hand to prepare excellent and delicious treats. If you have not seen it, surf through youtube for her videos; in that case, you will also learn some beautiful recipes. 
  1. Prince William- You may not know it, but the British Royal family also has not one but many left-handers, including Prince William. In the British Royal Family, Prince Charles is also left-handed. 
  1. Neil Armstrong- Many astronauts in the history of time were left-handed, and Neil Armstrong too. NASA says more than double the percentage of the astronauts were left-handed when the Apollo 11 Mission was going on. It was peculiar because the test pilots expected astronauts to be right-handed as they were more comfortable with that.
  1. Barack Obama- While signing the presidential order as 44th President of America, Barack Obama joked about him being a left-handed person and told everyone to get used to it. Other than Barack Obama, many US presidents, such as Harry S Truman, George HW, and James Garfield, were left-handed. 
  1. Angelina Jolie- You may have been distracted by the beauty of Angelina Jolie and failed to notice that she, too, is left-handed. You will see her signing with her left hand if you get her autograph.
  1. Lady Gaga- Lady Gaga uses both her hands for various purposes, but it is witnessed that her left hand is the most dominant. If you notice carefully, you will find her playing guitar and Keytar with her right hand. But when she is supposed to write something or sign a contract, she uses her left hand. 
  1. Julia Roberts – America’s most beautiful and successful actress, Julia Roberts, is also a lefty. Left-handed people should view it as a victory that Julia Roberts is in their population. She has been witnessed to have signed autographs with her left hand.
  2. Charlie Chaplin- We all know who Charlie Chaplin is. He is known for his best comedy in silent movies. He is often seen with a violin in front of the camera and always plays with his left hand. It is difficult to notice in the film, but Charlie Chaplin used to permanently reverse the strings of the violin to make it easier for him to play with his left hand. This fun piece of information was shared by his colleague Stan Laurel when he recalled the tour of 1912 with Charlie Chaplin. 
  1. Napoleon Bonaparte- Ever wondered why British people drive on the Left? Yes, it is because Napoleon Bonaparte was left-handed, and he hated the number of disadvantages the left-handed people had to endure. During military practice, he noticed that they marched on the left side of the road and kept their weapons handy on the right side, which put him at a disadvantage. This motivated him to switch sides; hence, this road rule applies in the modern world too. 
  1. Gordon Ramsay – This list would be incomplete if we missed the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. We often see him creating magic on the plates. But have you ever wondered with which hand he makes all the delicious food? He does everything from slicing and dicing to plating with his left hand. Some chefs find it difficult to work with some kitchen tools as it is mainly made for right-handed people. But, they always manage to pull it off and create magic.


In conclusion, left-handed people find it difficult in the world of right-handed people but are pretty exceptional in some aspects. They are even considered smarter than right-handed people. Left-handed people communicate with both sides of their brains effectively. Their verbal ability is considered superior to that of right-handed people. So if you have a family member or a friend who’s left hand is dominant, celebrate the fact and make them feel that they are amongst the 10% of the population who are left-handed.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Are left-handed people dumb?

No, they are much like the right-handed people and, in fact, even brighter.

  1. Is Albert Einstein a lefty?

No, Albert Einstein is not left-handed. He was seen in photos writing with his right hand.

  1. Do left-handed people have more memory power?

Yes, left-handed people have the potential to store and process superior information. It is mainly because of the high connectivity of the two hemispheres of their brain.

  1. Why are left-handed people successful?

According to a study by psychologist Stanley Coren, left-handed people can offer multiple solutions to a single problem and are better at divergent thinking. 

Famous Left-Handed People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Lefties?

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