HGTV Sweepstakes: Can You Be The Next Winner?

HGTV, a channel dedicated to opulent home improvements and real estate, has won the trust of people when it comes to giveaways. And why not? Its channel has been holding expensive giveaways such as HGTV dream houses, cash, and so on to many winners. This majestic channel gives people an opportunity to switch to their dream life and organizes annual HGTV sweepstakes throughout the United States. And if you’re thinking of trying your luck in its HGTV sweepstake giveaways, the road to optimism never ends. Therefore, go ahead and fill it in for the giveaway.

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HGTV Sweepstakes: Prizes

What can you win from the HGTV sweepstakes is a million worth of question? Although it’s famous for awarding classic and modern houses with gasping interiors, the giveaway also offers cash and car prizes. However, the sweepstakes also have other rewards that come in a more affordable, or let’s say, less sizable range. These prizes are:

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  • For the $5000 ultimate outdoor award, you’ll have to choose the best garden or retreat for entering the giveaway.
  • You can win a Velux skylight along with its installation.
  • You can also come in under the winning numbers of the modern cottage – Urban

HGTV holds sweepstakes annually. Even if you missed your chance to participate in the HGTV sweepstakes, you can come back with uplifted spirits next year. 

Popular HGTV dream homes

HGTV dream houses are cherished by many people. Their luxurious interiors and large drawing rooms and bedrooms that can accommodate at least ten people make people want these houses. Some of the most popular HGTV dream houses are:

  • 2010 HGTV Dream House: Sandia Park, New Mexico – HGTV Dream House
  • HGTV Dream House 2013: Kiawah, South Carolina
  • Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts—HGTV dream house 2015
  • HGTV Dream House 2019: Whitefish, Montana
  • Newport, Rhode Island—HGTV Dream House 2021

How to enter

To participate in the HGTV sweepstakes, you’ll have to sign up online. As HGTV has numerous sister websites, you can visit any of them and fill in a sweepstakes application. Since HGTV doesn’t take mail-in entries, there’s no need to do it the old-fashioned way. 

However, before filling out the application form, you should be aware of certain restrictions that the HGTV sweepstakes impose. You can only fill out the application once or twice a week. Also, sometimes one entry per email is allowed. So, be aware of this restriction before signing up multiple times.

Go through these steps to enter the HGTV sweepstakes.

  • Visit the HGTV sweepstakes website.
  • Select the category or option of sweepstakes you want to win.
  • Follow the next requirements and fill in your email ID.

Eligibility for the HGTV sweepstakes

An applicant participating in the HGTC sweepstakes should be a resident of the United States. And the age limit for a person to try his or her luck is 21 years. So if you’ve passed these two eligibility determining lines, you’re good to sign up for the sweepstakes. Another thing to consider while entering sweepstakes is that some companies’ employees cannot enter sweepstakes giveaways.

Go through the company list to know the restricted companies.

  • Delta Faucet Co.
  • The Sherwin-Williams company
  • Cabinets for Sale
  • Sleep Number Corporation
  • Velux America, LLC
  • Cox Communications
  • Trex Company, Inc.
  • Home and Garden Television.
  • Scripps Networks, LLC
  • FreedomRoads, LLC
  • Quicken Loans, LLC, Wayfair, LLC
  • SimpliSafe, Inc.

How does the draw work?

The HGTV sweepstakes are managed by a third party who acts as the judging organization. The winner is declared and notified via email, phone, or surprise visit.

The surprise visit is made by HGTV representatives and the whole situation is recorded. It’s amazing to look at the happy tears and joyous faces of the winners. It makes people try their luck in the HGTV sweepstakes.

Do HGTV sweepstakes winners pay taxes?

The reality of HGTV sweepstakes hits hard when winners are handed over the income tax, property tax, and other hefty expenses. This is the most common reason people abandon their long-desired dream home. And instead, they chose to pick the cash reward. By picking the cash reward, they get free of the incoming troubles of multiple large tax amounts that they cannot pay.


HGTV sweepstakes are a popular giveaway that offers luxurious and expensive prizes. You can try your luck in the sweepstakes and find out what the house is really about.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to the HGTV dream house if the winner refuses to take it?

HGTV sells the house to the highest private bidder if the winner doesn’t want the house. And instead, he/she is rewarded with cash, a car, and a home-furnishing prize.

Where is the next HGTV dream house?

The HGTV dream house of 2022 is situated in the magnificent landscape of mountains, and the house gives a modern, luxurious look. It is present in Warren, Vermont.

HGTV Sweepstakes: Can You Be The Next Winner?

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