How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost At Costco?-How To Solve It

Costco is a recognized retailer that provides different services including selling hearing aids for those with hearing difficulties. The company has been in the marketplace for a long time and today, they’re still regarded as a reliable retailer. However, you may want to know the amount it will cost you to purchase hearing aids at Costco. We’ve prepared this article for you to prepare your budget for your next hearing aid purchase . Let us know hearing aids How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost At Costco?

The cost of hearing aids at Costco? The price for the various models of hearing aids at Costco varies; different models have different prices. However, the cost of hearing aids at Costco range from $1300 to $5000 depending on the model and pair you’re purchasing. In other words, the least hearing aid at Costco, which is the Kirkland Signature 10.0 will cost you up to $1399.99.

Right before we list the prices of the different hearing aid models at Costco, let’s share with you the available hearing aids at Costco.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost At Costco

The Available Hearing Aid at Costco

There are varieties of hearing aids available at Costco which include:

  1. Kirkland Signature 10.0

This hearing aid comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, TV streaming, and a smartphone app. Also, the hearing aid is resistant to water and dust – and capable of surviving immersion in about 3 ft of water for an hour or 8 hours in a dust chamber.

  1. The Philips Hearlink

This hearing aid offers receiver-in-ear and behind-the-ear versions with several telecoil and speaker option. In addition to this function, Philip Hearlink processes speech in a number of settings using an artificial intelligence system.

  1. Phonak Brio 4

Another amazing hearing aid is the Phonak Brio 4, manufactured by Sonova; one of the biggest manufacturers of hearing aids in the U.S. The Phonak hearing aid models available at Costco allow wearers to operate hands-free phone calls effortlessly and they can adjust volume through the myPhonak app.

  1. Rexton Hearing Aids

Hearing aids by Rexton The M-Core line and the Adore custom-made devices are the two models/lines for this hearing aid. It adapts to the environment and provides a clearer hearing situation than most existing products. The Rexton hearing aids can continuously provide sound resolution adjustments.

Hearing aid prices at Costco:

As stated earlier, the cost of hearing aids at Costco depends on certain factors including the brand, model, and pair of hearing aids wearers would like to purchase. However, the prices for the above-mentioned hearing aid models are as follows:

  • Kirkland Signature 10.0 costs $1,399.99 per pair.
  • The Philips Hearlink costs $1,799.99 per pair.
  • Phonak Brio 4 costs $2,499.99 per pair.
  • Rexton Hearing Aids (M-Core Line) costs $1,799.98 per pair.
  • Jabra Hearing Aid costs $1,799.99 per pair.

Using the listed prices, it’s easy to say that the most affordable hearing aid at Costco is Kirkland Signature 10.0; it’s presently at $1,399.99 per pair. According to Consumer Reports’ Survey results, the Kirkland Signature 10.0 hearing aid is $1291 cheaper than average.

Purchasing Hearing Aids at Costco:

You can’t purchase hearing aids from Costco online rather, you’ll have to book an appointment with the nearest Costco Hearing Aid Center to you.

You can find the nearest Costco Hearing Aid Center by using the store locator online. Search for “Costco Locator” online and select “Show Filter Option.” Filter your results by clicking the box next to “Hearing Aids,” entering your region, state, or ZIP code, and then clicking “Find.”

When you’ve found the nearest location to you, you’ll need to use the phone number provided to book an appointment. You can print the appointment form for both the visit and follow-up visit. 

After a successful appointment with Costco Hearing Aid Center, an associate will assist you in deciding the best hearing aid for you and immediately process the order from the manufacturer. 


Hearing Aids can be very expensive but Costco provides a wide selection of hearing aids for its members at affordable prices, making it a good choice if you’re considering purchasing a hearing aid. Costco complete hearing aids from different reliable manufacturers including Sonova and Phonak. However, the lowest hearing aid at Costco will cost you up to $1,399.99. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Costco Hearing Aid Center Offer Any Free Service?

Yes. The Costco Hearing Aid Center provides several complimentary services, such as hearing evaluations, follow-up visits, warranty durations, product demonstrations, cleanings and check-ups for hearing aids, loss and damage insurance, etc.

  • Can I Purchase my Hearing Aid from Costco Online?

No. you can’t purchase hearing aids online at Costco. As it stands, you can only schedule an appointment with Costco Hearing Aid Center before you can purchase your hearing aid at Costco. Only after a successful appointment will your purchase be completed.

  • Can I Purchase a Hearing Aid from Costco and Pay Later?

No. Costco does not allow post-order payment; you must pay for your hearing aid in full upfront before you can own a hearing aid at Costco. Although your insurance provider may allow you to use FSA funds or reimburse you, you must pay in full before Costco can place your order.

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost At Costco?-How To Solve It

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