How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?

How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?

Ever experienced the butterflies in your stomach when you make that special connection with someone? An eye lock, banter, or even just seeing a picture on Tinder? Simply put, love at first sight. From there, you start building this new connection. iMessage and WhatsApp messages become late-night phone conversations. And before you know it, you are Instagram official. Let us know about “How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?”

How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?

It is wonderful, to find a potential forever partner, someone you can see yourself tying the knot with. New love makes you feel you can conquer the world, swim across the oceans, and achieve anything you dream of. That dopamine rush often makes people make rash decisions. Some get engaged immediately, while others get a pet together.

One such crucial step in a relationship is moving in together. It is one of the first major commitments a couple makes. Ideally, you should for at least a year or two to know each other well and prevent any complications. You both need to be serious enough to know where your relationship is headed, and whether you are compatible to live together. It should not feel like a major change.

There Are Certain Things You Must Keep In Mind Before Making This Decision.

Read on to know what they are.

Personal Hygiene

This should be at a similar level as you. If you are showering twice a day and brushing your teeth every morning, you will not be able to live with a slob. Maintaining basic hygiene is essential.

Cleanliness And Chores

Do you both like to keep your surroundings tidy? Are you both not bothered about your living surroundings? Does one of you have OCD? Maybe both of you?

If you have been in a relationship long enough, you must have seen your partner’s house. Imagine what your house would look like if you lived together. This is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind before making this decision.

Divide your household chores in a balanced way, depending on your jobs and everyday life, unless you have the money to hire a housekeeper. Even in this case, both of you should be able to take care of the house in case the help is not around.


If you have your own pets, ensure that they get along. If your partner has a pet, do you get along with it, or vice versa? Do you have pets of the same breed or different species? Based on how well the pets have been trained will also determine how in-order your house will be.

PS: if you are planning to adopt one together, make sure your relationship is very serious. In case you break up, you individually will move on, but the pet loses its own family.

Temperament And Emotional Expectations

If your partner is short-tempered then living with them will become very difficult. It can even move towards abuse and if you are under the same roof then it will be very challenging to get out of it.

In case of emotional expectations, be clear with your partner on how would you deal with the aftermath of major arguments. Find out if there is anything that ticks them off. But look out for red flags here.

Different Viewpoints

Even if you are not living together, you want to be with a partner who can respect varying opinions and enjoys a healthy discussion with everyone. Being with someone which stringent beliefs can often turn into heated arguments.

Expectations And Long-Term plans

You both need to discuss beforehand what you expect from each other. It should be within your comfort zones, and not hamper your jobs and individual life. At the same time, you both should be aware of each other’s future goals such as wanting to start a family, career growth, if you want to move to a different city or country for work, and so on.

Financial Independence

Both you and your partner must be financially secure. Living together means splitting up the bills— right from rent and utility to groceries.

Medical And Social Expectations

In case either of you have medical problems, be open about it. If you ever need any sort of assistance, you should feel comfortable asking your partner for any help.  

Social Exceptions can include who visits your home, how late one stays out, and if someone is coming to stay over. Sometimes one of you might have to compromise because of the other’s commitments. In such cases, you have to be understanding. 

Your “Stuff”

Both of you will have items that you would want to bring into your new home. But you cannot over clutter the place, and neither can you own too many of the same things. It could be small things like a bedside lamp or maybe as large as a bed. Make a list of these items and discuss it with your partner. Because you will be making the house “ours”, not “mine”.

Know The Parents

It helps you to know your partner better, builds a strong bond, and fills you with a sense of security. Also, you would know if there are any weird relatives that you would have to deal with.


Now we have learnt “How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?”, Moving in together is a major step, so always keep a clear head deciding. Think of the future and whether it is the right time to make such commitments. Patience is key. You are different individuals, with varied opinions. Try to find a balance unique to you two. Keeping these points in mind will make it easier to make a well-balanced decision. Good luck!

How Soon Is Too Soon To Move In?

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