How To Change The Ring Doorbell Sound Outside?

A ring doorbell is a small electronic device that permits you to know that someone is at your door that including an audible bell. Ringing the doorbell seems to be the latest way that could make your home a smart one. In this advanced era, various ways could protect your home and could even help the outsiders to know whether the bell is working or not. Let us know ‘How To Change The Ring Doorbell Sound Outside?’.

How To Change The Ring Doorbell Sound Outside?

Unfortunately, for various doorbell users, it would not be possible to change the ring doorbell sound outside. As there is no official method to change this, you could do it by other means. Its chime could help the outsiders in knowing whether the bell is appropriately working. Moreover, this sound could be annoying and confusing, so you might have to change the ring doorbell outside.

Could it be possible to change its sound?

Properly speaking, this doorbell ring doesn’t permit its various users to change the outside sound of the ring doorbell. While living very close to others, the sound of the outdoor bell could be very confusing and whenever you hear any noise from outside, you are required to check your smartphone for any ring notification. Moreover, you could also turn off doorbell ring notifications. So, to prevent confusion, you desire to change the sound of the doorbell. Although it is not possible, you might make use of various other methods to solve this problem. But, before going for any type of method, you are required to entirely deactivate the outdoor bell. 

How to change the chime ring doorbell sound?

As there is not any specific or official method to change the ring doorbell sound, you could deal with this problem you could either make use of your eco device, an outdoor bell socket or by changing the ring chime sound of the ring outdoor bell. Among these methods, the use of ring chime seems more convenient and you could make use of ring chime just to download varying tones and set them up so that varying chimes could play out. 

How to change the outdoor chime sound by using a ring chime?

A ring chime is a device that basically acts as a speaker for your doorbell ring equipment and you could easily set up the ring chime as per your desire, be it for outside or inside. With the help of ring chimes, you grab the opportunity to download and play varying chimes as it would greatly help you to personalize your doorbell. Hence, the ring chime is a very essential device when you desire to change the outdoor chime sound for the ring doorbell, as this method is easy to use and convenient and it also doesn’t need any type of complicated measure. 

However, to make use of the ring chime, you are required to own an outdoor socket where you could plug in the ring chime. This method would be highly convenient for those who don’t possess any outdoor socket installed. But, you must ensure that the socket should be in a shaded area, and should not be too visible to avoid its stealing. After installation of the ring chime device, you can easily choose the tone as per your wish from the chime tone library, and for this, you are required to follow these steps:-

  • Firstly, you need to open the ring app on your smartphone.
  • Then, choose a ring chime device.
  • After that, choose the chime tone option and you will be taken to a list of various available tones.
  • Play every tone so that you can select the desired one.
  • Using volume slider buttons, you could adjust the sound level as per that. 


As of now, the ring doorbell doesn’t offer the ability to change the sound that plays on your outside ring doorbell. You could either turn off the ring doorbell’s sound entirely or could make use of various alternative methods that could provide a solution. 


Q1) Do the ring doorbell possess varying tones?

Ans. Ring chime consists of a feature that permits you to select from different chime tones and that too from a ring app that could alert you to motion and ring alerts.

Q2) What is a ring chime along with a ring doorbell?

Ans. Ring Chime is a device that makes sure to connect with all ring video doorbells and allows you to listen to real notifications from anywhere in your home. 

How To Change The Ring Doorbell Sound Outside?

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