How To Get A Free Laptop? 

With the rise in science and technology, man needs all he can lay his hands on to evaluate, comply, store and deliver what he has to offer for himself and others. These similarly come in terms of one means, The Computer. The computer is an electronic device that can carry out operational functions, store them, and can be retrieved anytime the need be. Early generations of computers were used for calculating but advancements brought about different use and purpose for computers. As a student, an entrepreneur, a parent, and a worker, we use the computer for different purposes today. From the types, generations, and classes of computers, we define the best-fit computer for ourselves. Maybe palmtops for kids, laptops for students, and desktops computers for bankers, we just want a computing system that best suits our jobs. Let’s know how to get a free laptop.

How To Get A Free Laptop? 

Why Do I Need A Laptop?

It is expected that everybody has a laptop. A laptop or laptop computer is a portably fitted screen, attached to a keyboard and necessary motherboard and processing units that can perform the functions of a computer. It is a type of Personal computer, (PC)

Laptop also means a person can place it on his or her lap while making use of it.

For any purpose or job you are into, there is a necessary reason you should have a laptop. These reasons include;

  • It has a portable size attribute. All parts that make up an electronic device like a computer is already compacted to form a laptop.
  • It saves space.
  • It does not depend on electricity to function as long as it is charged.
  • It is easier to repair or troubleshoot.
  • It has a better screen 
  • It can be used to have fun like watching movies, games e.t.c.
  • It is easier to maintain. You can have a laptop bag and easily run some cleaning on it.
  • It is a laptop. You can easily put it on you, your desk and work.

Types Of Laptops

Getting a laptop is good but better when you know the type of laptop you will be getting for your needs. Here are the seven types of laptop.

1) Ultraportable Laptop

This is a light in weight type laptop made for easy mobility. It is so thin that it does not have a CD/DVD drive and connection ports.

2) Ultrabook Laptop

These are more experienced systems designed for some features like size, battery life, weight, and circuit embodiment.

3) MacBook

This is manufactured by Apple’s laptop computers brand. It is expensive, highly-sensitive. It comes in two models, the MacBook Pro and the ultra-thin MacBook Air.

4) Tablet

Tablet looks like a laptop with a keyboard attachment. It is the most common type of laptop because it is very cheap and mobile.

5) Netbook

This is a cheap laptop with a low-powered Intel Atom processor. Because of this, it is no longer produced as other types of laptops had replaced it.

6) The Convertible (2-in-1) Laptop

Its features are of both a tablet and laptop. They are called hybrid laptops, meaning it is designed with a touch screen mode or the regular keyboard style of computer.

7) Chromebook

This laptop is known for educational purposes because it uses small storage to store data on the cloud. It comes easily to run on android applications and operates with Google’s ChromeOS.

Methods To Get A Free Laptop

How can you get a free laptop?

Method 1:

These are the steps taken by others around you to ensure you have a laptop. And they are:

By gifts or willing

By it been assigned to you at your office.

When your laptop is faulty and its warrant is guaranteed, you can apply for a fix or a new one for free.

By applying to Organizations that give laptops for free. Organizations such as; Computer with causes, Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse, and PC for People, among many others.


The importance of getting a laptop can not be ignored and you should have a computer so you can accomplish tasks in an easier and faster way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) When Do I Need A Free Laptop?

In as much as you are learning, in as much as you can read and write, you are eligible to own a laptop. Feel free to try getting one.

2) How Best Do I Clean My Laptop?

To clean your laptop, get a clean dey duster or piece of cloth and carefully clean through. Do not add water or any liquid cleanser.

3) Can I Use My Laptop While Charging It?

Yes, you can. Using the laptop while charging does not mean you will experience difficulties with your work or it would not charge. It is advisable that when the battery is full, immediately remove the charger from the port, also keep it properly.

How To Get A Free Laptop? 

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