How To Get A Specific Cell Phone Number

Do you want to get a specific cell phone number? Maybe it’s for your company, maybe it’s for your own business or maybe it’s for personal use. Whatever the reason might be, look no further because this article tells you in simple and easy steps as to how you can obtain a specific cell phone number in a quick and hassle-free way. Lets know more about How To Get A Specific Cell Phone Number .

How To Get A Specific Cell Phone Number

For whatever reason you might want a specific cell phone number, there are a few ways to obtain it. Here’s a guide that will help you achieve this in simple, short, and easy steps. The first thing you can do is directly talk to your service provider. You can ask your service provider upfront about wanting a specific cell phone number and if it is available then they will give it to you. There are many services available online and speaking to your service provider about these is probably the easiest way to get a specific cell phone number. Contrary to popular belief, wanting a specific cell phone number is not a new thing and is quite common. Now, if you want to go in another direction, you can sign up for online service plans, whose main job is to offer you vanity numbers. 

These are usually opted by companies that want a cell phone number that spells out a certain word or has certain numbers that prove useful to their company agenda. If you’re still not satisfied with how you can obtain a specific cell phone number, worry not because we have yet another way to go about the same. There are a lot of companies and apps that let you pick your number. These numbers can either be personalized or randomized. These third-party apps help you pick out your number quickly and easily. 

  1. Get in touch with your service provider – This is probably the easiest, uncomplicated and speedy way to obtain a specific cell phone number. You can call up your service provider and ask them about this service. You can call on their customer care number and chances are that you’ll be patched through to an employee who can assist you without much difficulty. 

While the process varies from one service provider to another, the basics of it remain the same. You’ll most probably be asked about what number you want and your motive behind wanting a specific number. Now this can go one of two ways, either they’ll already have the number you requested or you will have to select one from the list they provide. 

  1. Renting a specific number- this is as straightforward as the title sounds. You can rent a number for a specific period, meaning once your agreement/offer expires, your rented number will go back up on the market. You’ll most probably have to pay a monthly or annual fee for renting a specific number. 
  2. Google Voice- now this is a slightly different approach than we talked about earlier. Earlier, we discussed apps that let you pick your number, well this is it. Google Voice is one of those apps that allow you to pick your number. This is a perfect option for those who are looking to select a specific phone number for their business. It is budget-friendly, easy to obtain, and can be personalized comfortably. Now, how do you get the perfect number from Google Voice? It’s fairly easy, to be honest. Go to Google Voice, and type in the letters you want to have the numbered combination for, and voila, Google Voice will give you a list of numbers matching your description. 
  3. Third-party services- for some users, Google Voice can prove to be a bit unhelpful for they might not be able to fully personalize it. So if you want to go all the way and get full personalization, this option might be best for you. Third-party services are apps that exist solely to help you find the perfect cell phone number for you. Most of these companies operate almost completely virtually. They provide a perfectly customized cell phone number with minimal hassle and pocket-friendly prices. 

What are vanity numbers?

These are easy eye-catching numbers that are usually used by companies to represent their agenda or product. These numbers are usually used to either spell out something when numbers correspond to certain words on the keyboard or are used because their customers find it easier to memorize and dial these numbers. So all in all, they are mainly used for marketing purposes. Usually, these numbers are used by big companies rather than small businesses because it is rather expensive. But while so, it is an effective and efficient way to make people aware of your company/product that you are trying to market. When a number is quick and easy to remember, it will encourage the customer to dial it as for them, it is easy to access your product. 


In conclusion, I’d like to say there are more than a few ways in which one can obtain a specific cell phone number. Most people do not realize that this is quite common and can be done with minimal effort. 


  1. What are the benefits of buying a specific cell phone number?

If you’re buying a specific cell phone number for your business, then customized cell phone numbers can prove quite helpful to you. These help build a professional image, strengthen your brand, make for a good marketing strategy and help in building connections. 

  1. Can I buy a phone number directly from the directory?

It is very hard to buy a phone number directly from the registry. You can only do so if the number that you want is given back by its current user. 

  1. Can I buy a mobile number with a specific area code?

Yes, as long as you speak with the right service providers, this is possible. 

How To Get A Specific Cell Phone Number

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