How To Watch Tick Tick Boom?

 “Tick, tick…BOOM!” is a Musical directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. One of the highest-rated movies of 2021. This movie is praised for its storytelling and its musical numbers. Let us learn ‘How To Watch Tick Tick Boom?’

How To Watch Tick Tick Boom?

How To Watch Tick Tick Boom?

The director Miranda is one of the most potential upcoming directors who is gained most of the experience from directing and acting on stage, like in Theatre. That can be one reason why most of his movies give some nostalgic feel just like we see a stage play or a 50s Hollywood musical. In this day and age of High Budget blockbuster movies, musicals getting recognition is a rare thing. It also got nominated in several categories of Academy Awards Golden Globes and many other award shows. 

To watch this musical masterpiece, you need to have an active subscription to Netflix. Netflix is a streaming platform that will allow you to watch movies and TV series anywhere in the world. You can connect it to your TV or Computer or even to your mobile phone. Netflix produces their movie and shows but for this film, they are only the distributing or streaming partner which means they distribute the movie worldwide. 

Another option to view this movie is by buying a DVD, a hard copy of it. You can find it on eBay for the US $64. An official Blu-ray or DVD announcement has not been done yet. Now at the time, Netflix is the only distributor that has the full rights to the movie. So they determine where and when to release their movies. The better way to watch the movie is through the streaming source, by paying the subscription amount.

Netflix Subscription

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world with over two hundred million users and thousands of people joining every month. Many other platforms give the same sort of services and can be an alternative for them such as Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney Plus, etc. And why most people prefer Netflix. It can be because of their vast quantity of media which they call content.

Movies and TV series are also considered content in their library. So there will be enough content for every subscriber who uses their plans to activate their account. Netflix provides more than one type of plan –




For each one of them, they are giving different price tags and also it increases from basic which is the lowest to the premium which is the highest. And also they provide services just for mobile phones, naming it the mobile plan. This can only be received through a mobile or a tablet. This plan is the lowest of every plan we discussed including the basic plan.

When we go from basic to premium, it is not just the price that is increasing but also the quality of the content. The basic plan provides a quality of 480p which is considered the minimum quality you needed to watch anything on the internet. The premium plan gives you the utmost quality to enjoy the content which is you can watch it with 4k, but the price also increases.

Movie Review

The movie is a biopic of the renowned playwright and Broadway Musical composer Jonathan Larson. He is one of the last people who held the true essence of theatre plays in every musical he wrote and composed. Just Like Larson, Lin- Manuel Mirada, the director is also a musical composer who holds onto the theatre plays even in this age and day of digital streaming platforms. The character is played by Andrew Garfield, who also got an academy nomination for his performance in this movie. 

Tick, tick… Boom is rated 7.5 on IMDb and I think it is much more than that. It is not a bad score but because a musical getting recognition in this generation of the digital world is mind-blowing. This shows that if there are people, who can create these movies, there will be an audience for them.


Now we have learnt “How To Watch Tick Tick Boom?”, Tick, tick… boom got its theatrical release in November 2021, but they released the movie digitally through Netflix after a week itself. Watching a movie in theatres is something special, and with its limited screening, people in the States can enjoy those moments. But people all over the place could not even get a chance to see this movie if there was no streaming platform. Not every movie is going to release on every continent. Platforms like Netflix help to make that link all across the world and help the filmmakers to get the most deserving praise they deserve to get.


Q. Is Tick, tick… boom available as Blu-ray?

Currently, you cannot afford a Blu-ray of this movie, and you can find it on Netflix with an active subscription.

Q. How many Oscar nominations did Tick, tick… boom receive?

The film got two Oscar nominations. One for Best Actor and another for Best editing.

How To Watch Tick Tick Boom?

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