Internet Lag Ping Spikes – Know More

Many of the users may encounter the problem of internet lag/ping spikes when it comes to the internet connection. This problem can be caused by the internet provider’s service, as well as the person’s device. Especially users who like to play online games on a computer are very badly affected by this problem. Know more about Internet Lag Ping Spikes

Internet Lag Ping Spikes

While everything is progressing in its normal course within the game, the ping value may be at high values momentarily, for a short time, and then this value may decrease and it may be at the old healthy value again. As a result of an instant increase in the delay value, the user’s gaming experience may be destroyed. In particular, the sudden ping problem experienced in League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and similar games, which have thousands or even millions of players around the world, is a common occurrence.

What Exactly Is The Internet Lag/Ping Spikes Problem?

If you want to visit a website or connect to an online system to play games, the device you are using is connected to the server system of that platform when you want to look at videos or images. The data and requests sent by your computer are transmitted to the server of the site to which you want to connect. The time during which the data is transmitted is called ping or lag and represents a numeric value.

What Are The Things That Cause A Ping Surge?

Many Internet users are experiencing a sudden, instantaneous ping rise problem when connecting. This problem can also be caused by internet service providers. At the same time, the devices and equipment used can also cause this problem.

Type Of Connection

ADSL, 4G, 5G, and Fiber connection types have different ping and connection speed values. Among these connection types, the Fiber connection that offers the healthiest and lowest ping is very effective to prevent users from having this problem.

Number Of Devices Connected To The Same Network

The presence of more than one device on the same network also causes pings in online games. While you are playing a game, watching movies, TV series, videos, downloading files, providing online navigation by someone else on the same network may also cause the ping value to increase.

Using Old Equipment

The use of old hardware is also one of the main factors that increase the ping value. People who use an old-model mobile phone, tablet, computer, or modem are very often faced with the problem of ping.

How Is The Lag/Ping Time Measured?

There are some methods for measuring ping time. These methods vary depending on the device used. Ping measurement for computers can be performed as follows.

  • Enter CMD in the Windows search box.
  • The “ping” command is written to the command window that opens.
  • Among the results you see, the place where “time” is written shows ping. For devices using the system, you can find out your ping value by performing operations in this way.

Check The Resource Tracker

By following the values in the resource tracker, you can observe the services that cause network usage on your computer, and you can monitor these services for a while. If the “Receiving” and “Sending” values are at high values when your system is idle, then an abnormal situation may be mentioned. In such a situation, you can close applications that cause high network usage by opening the resource monitor.

At the same time, you can detect the activity that causes an instant ping problem using the resource tracker. Open the Task Manager to check network usage and open the resource tracker. From the top, open the Performance tab. From the left side, open Wi-Fi or the different network adapter that you are using. At the bottom, click Open Source Tracker.

Bad Connection Caused By Malware

Make sure that no malware or software is installed and enabled on your computer. Malware is developed for a purpose. If your computer has this type of malware, your internet connection may be slowed down and your privacy may be at risk. That is why it is necessary to detect, eliminate and disable this software.

Before scanning for malware on your computer, open Settings > Network and Internet. Click on the adapter options and click. Open the WiFi or ethernet (whichever you are using) network adapter, and then open Properties immediately. Then open the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) tab. Pay attention to the place indicated in the red box.

If the IP and DNS addresses are assigned automatically on your computer, it’s okay. But if certain IP and DNS addresses are used instead of automatic IP and DNS assignment, and you have not set it up, there is malware on your computer. This software, which redirects the IP and DNS address setting from the automatic assignment option to a specific address, slows down your device’s internet connection quite a lot.

To remove malware, you must use an antivirus program. If the Windows Defender security software is enabled, but this software has managed to change your IP and DNS address, another antivirus software should be used.

As a result, some situations will create lag or ping on your device. But if there are reasons, there are certain solutions. therefore, the correct intervention is essential. Because, first of all, it is a matter that requires patience.

Internet Lag Ping Spikes – Know More

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