Is Panera’s Unlimited Coffee Subscription Worth It?

Panera bread is a chain store located in America and Canada selling bakeries, cafés, and other food items including family feast value meals. Panera bread is in over two thousand locations and is headquartered in Sunset Hills, Missouri. The store is the start of the day for most people that can’t live without a cup of coffee. Many have even subscribed to the store’s Unlimited Sip Club subscription. If you are a coffee diehard and would like to know what Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club subscription is and whether it is right for you, you are in the right place. If you subscribed to the coffee subscription earlier and don’t know whether it is worth it, we’ve also got you covered. So, let’s know the answer of ‘Is Panera’s Unlimited Coffee Subscription Worth It?’, below.

Is Panera's Unlimited Coffee Subscription Worth It?

To decide whether the Panera’s Unlimited Coffee Subscription Worth is worth it not, we need to first get into the detail of what the unlimited coffee subscription offers. With this information, you can further decide for yourself if you want to become a member of Panera bread and subscribe for the unlimited Sip Club subscription.

Panera Unlimited Sip Club Subscription.

Panera coffee subscription has been recently expanded to a new Unlimited Sip Club subscription. The subscription costs a total of $10.99 per month plus tax. The Unlimited Coffee Subscription offers Panera’s members unlimited access to one cup of drip hot coffee, newly charged lemonades, hot tea, and bubbler drinks such as Agave lemon and Passion Papaya green iced teas. Additions such as almond milk, milk, skim milk, and sweeteners are also part of the subscription fee.

Subscribed customers can enjoy these offers once every two hours during Panera’s regular bakery café hours. The offer also allows you to enjoy unlimited refills of the same drink at any of the participating United States bakeries.

To subscribe to the Unlimited Sip Club subscription, you should be above eighteen years of age. Registration and subscription are available online.

It is important to know that the subscription is for one individual, and you can’t share your account with anyone else. Panera will cancel your subscription at any time if they realize it’s being shared.

The Panera Coffee Subscription has automatic renewal every thirty days. It is therefore important for you to cancel your membership anytime. In case you don’t want to enjoy the subscription offers anymore.

How To Redeem Your Subscription?

You can redeem your unlimited Sip Club subscription by swiping your card, entering your phone number, or logging into your My Panera account while placing your order. You can then look for the reward name, “Unlimited Sip Club National” and redeem your rewards.

What Doesn’t the Panera Subscription Cover?

The Unlimited Sip Club subscription doesn’t include other beverages offered at Panera for example cappuccino beverages, espresso, and cold brew iced coffee. It also doesn’t cover any orders placed in third-party delivery sites or any catering orders.

The Unlimited Sip Club subscription is only in participating Panera bread cafes in the United States of America and is not in the cafes in Canada.

Is the New Unlimited Coffee Sip Worth It?

Whether the unlimited coffee sip is worth it will entirely depend on you. If you are not a coffee drinker or a tea person, the subscription will be worthless to you. If you enjoy the beverages, however, how often you use your subscription will either make it worth it or not. If you order from Panera more than three times, then the subscription will be worthwhile. If you use the offer a few times, then it won’t be worthwhile. This is because you will spend a lot of dollars on your membership than what you would save from getting the benefits of your subscription.

Now that you know all the details of the Unlimited Coffee Sip subscription, you can choose to either subscribe to Panera Subscription or not depending on whether you think you can enjoy the benefits of the subscription or not.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can anyone sign up for the Unlimited Sip Club subscription?

No, only members of the My Panera can sign up for the subscription. To end the benefits of the subscription, therefore, you need to become a member of My Panera.

2. What beverage size does one enjoy with the Unlimited Sip Club subscription?

With the subscription, you can enjoy any size of beverage that you like.

3. Can I get a refund of my Unlimited Sip Club subscription if I don’t enjoy the benefits?

No, you cannot enjoy a refund of your subscription for any reason. You can however always cancel your subscription at the Panera bread app or visit the company website.

4. Can I share my subscription with my family?

No, only one person can enjoy the rewards of the subscription. You cannot share these benefits or transfer them to any other person 

Is Panera’s Unlimited Coffee Subscription Worth It?

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