Know About Dish Network Remote Volume Not Working


Your Dish remote volume may not be working due to certain reasons. There is always a solution to every problem. This article will give you a guide on how to solve the problem. Dish Network Remote Volume Not Working

Know About Dish Network Remote Volume Not Working

Answer Of Dish Network Remote Volume Not Working

Fixing your Dish network remote volume required little or no stress. The Dish network is very reliable. Always have in mind that Your remote volume may develop a problem due to low batteries and so many other reasons.

Reasons Why Your Dish Remote Volume is Not Operating

Your Dish remote volume ceased to function as a result of the following reasons. It can be annoying at times but when a problem comes up what you should do is find a solution to it. 

Low Batteries

Low batteries are one of the common reasons why a Dish remote volume may stop working. Ask yourself when last you had your batteries changed. Then check your batteries. You may need to replace them with new ones. The dead batteries may be a reason why the volume button isn’t responding.

To check the battery level of your remote, what you need to do is to press the home control button on the remote three times. Then on the right side of the screen, you will see the information about the condition of the batteries. If the battery status is green, that means the battery is still functional and you have to check for other possible causes. However, if it gives a red or yellow signal, you should possibly know that you have found the cause of the problem then you should find a way of replacing the batteries with new ones.

Having the batteries changed shouldn’t be a problem. All you need to do is to get new ones on an online store or visit a nearby store if available. After changing the batteries, try testing the volume button again to check if it will work. If it is working perfectly, then the problem is solved. But, If the result is still the same, you can look for other reasons.

Broken Receiver or Remote

Another reason can be a result of the receiver or remote being impaired. The problem can be with the receiver or the remote. Try to think of how long you have had the remote, and how you have been handling the remote. Improper handling can be a cause of the broken remote. Do you constantly allow the remote to fall on hard objects? Try to analyze. If the receiver is broken it may be a result of the remote not being properly paired with the receiver.

Steps to Take When Your Dish Remote Volume Button Stops Working

  • Check the remote batteries

Check the condition of the battery as explained above. A green signal means the batteries are still in good condition. But a yellow or red signal indicates that the batteries are no longer in good condition and you have to act on that as quickly as possible by replacing them with new ones. Order new ones from an online store or buy from a store near you.

  • Restart the TV and receiver

The next step to take after checking the status of the remote batteries is to reboot the television and also the receiver.

  1. First of all, remove the Dish receiver power chord
  2. Pause for ten seconds.
  3. After waiting for ten seconds, plug the power chord back.

Check the information about the Dish remote control

When checking for the information about your Dish remote control, what you do is

  1. Go to settings. Do this by pressing the home button on your Dish remote.
  2. Press the home button twice
  3. From the menu, select a remote control
  4. Go through the settings and ensure that the volume and mute buttons are set to control the volume of the television. If it is not set, ensure you make the necessary corrections.
  • Reprogram remote control and Dish network

Reprogramming enables you to control your TV using the received remote by programming the Dish remote to your particular TV.

  1. The first step is to press your Dish remote home button.
  2. Select Remote Control under settings
  3. Choose the device that you want to pair
  4. Select Pairing Wizard
  5. Choose the TV brand you want to pair
  6. A prompt will be shown on your screen displaying the codes of your TV brand
  7. Press the mute and volume buttons to test the code
  8. If the code doesn’t work, choose Next Code.


The problem with the Dish network volume button not working can be solved. If only the above processes are put into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I fix The Remote Volume Button myself?

Yes, you can if you follow the procedures explained above.

  1. Is it possible to get a new remote?

Yes, it is very possible.

Know About Dish Network Remote Volume Not Working

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