Places That Buy Costume Jewelry – Know More

Costume jewelry, also called fashion jewelry, is made from aluminum, precious stones, nickel, zinc, chemical elements, different types of metals, and platinum. We will go through all places that buy costume jewelry in this article.

Places That Buy Costume Jewelry

You can smoothly sell your classic or antique jewelry to any jeweler’s shop near you or even online at Etsy, Ruby Lane, or eBay. But if you want to sell your precious jewelry on your own, then search for a buyer. In this way, you will get more money, but it takes effort.

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Places where you can sell or they can buy your costume jewelry

Bonhams, an auction company based in London, where you can sell your antique jewelry by submitting an online form that should be affixed with the pictures of the item that you want to sell then the specialist will provide you an auction estimate and guide about the next steps if it’s qualified the next thing will be to sell at auction to gain the best price. You’ll receive the seller’s commission once your jewelry is sold.

Phillips, another auction company, you’ll be submitting the information and pictures (maximum 6) of your antique jewelry. The next thing is specialist will determine the quality and discuss the fees once it is qualified, it will present at the auction. You should choose the auction companies to sell your antique jewelry because it is the place where you get the right or high price of your item. 

Leo Hamel, known as the best jewelry places located in California, buy second-hand or used costume jewelry. You will need to bring in your antique jewelry and leave the rest up to experts. Leo Hamel, not just buy your precious jewelry but also repair it. You can contact their buy office online via (619) 299-1500 or email them.

Luriya, the Diamond buyer, also buys old jewelry based in the United States. It is the one of best places where they can buy your costume jewelry, diamond, watches, or gems. You can consult experts online and discuss the prices. Luriya is known for its commitment, honesty, and reliability.

Cash for Gold USA, a company that accepts any kind of gold usually accepts between 8K to 24K. You will have to submit a submission form then the further procedure goes through. You can pay Cash for Gold USA via PayPal.

Used jewelry buyer, a jewelry store where you can sell your used and unwanted classic jewelry at a good price. It’s been 30 years for a Used Jewelry buyer for buying used jewelry. Brian Hill, the owner of a Used jewelry buyer, ensures that you’ll get an excellent price on your old jewelry. You can use their customer service, which is excellent, to know anything about the jewelry that you want to sell.

How to sell costume jewelry near you?

If you want to sell your costume jewelry at a professional place, then you can choose the options that are mentioned above. But if you are looking for a place near you that buys costume jewelry, then search for an art fair, classic boutiques, jeweler’s shops, or a street market. If you want the buyers to reach out, then spread it to your social media accounts that you want to sell your costume jewelry.

How to make your old jewelry look new?

You can easily make your old jewelry look new by using your household products such as toothpaste, warm water, salt with water, or vinegar, and sometimes you need to rinse it with chill water. But be careful if it has precious stones on it.

What’s the procedure for selling jewelry at Sotheby’s?

Sotheby’s is an auction house that only receives high-quality jewelry. You will send the photos of your jewelry once Sotheby’s set the price will let you know and then show the piece of your jewelry in their online store. If the company and you agree to work together, then Sotheby’s will take a 25% commission.

What are the three best places that buy your costume jewelry online?

  • Etsy is an e-commerce company that lets you sell your valuable jewelry online and other items like handmade things, vintage items, and ancient items. Etsy sellers earn usually $43,000 to $46,000 yearly.
  • Ruby Lane an online mart where you can sell fine jewelry, handbags, and other antiques.
  • eBay is an e-commerce platform to sell or buy various items including fashion jewelry, electronics, and clothes.

Conclusion –

It’s good to sell your costume jewelry and earn extra money rather than keeping it for years and becomes useless. But choosing the right platform or buyer to sell it is more important to get the right amount of money. Use the money that you’ve earned by selling the jewelry for your vacations, trip, or anything that you want to do.


1) How to test your jewelry?

To test your jewelry put a magnet near your jewelry if it’s not reacting then good you have fine gold jewelry. 

2) How to know the price of jewelry that you have?

You can use the calculator to know the price of your jewelry, which is available on many websites.

3) What items are considered to be jewelry?

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are considered to be items of jewelry.

Places That Buy Costume Jewelry – Know More

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