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Spare5 is a subsidiary created by mighty AI  that uses data to validate computer models. People need to do a small task, they use spare5 for that data collection. The company is involved in operations with big brands like Samsung, Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, and many more brands. Hence by reading the spare5 Review , you will it’s a legit app. A lot cut down to the preference of the individual and the expectations from the app. Let us learn about Spare5 Review

Spare5 Review

Spare5 Review

Spare5 will pay for the small tasks you do. Registration on the app is completely free. Next payment details are asked. iOS app and web browser versions are available. It is a legit app to pocket extra money by doing tasks like markers on images, putting metadata on images, and many more tasks. Overall the app is quite easy to use. but the main problem is that users might find the disparity between the time spent on the app and the payment one can get. It is not a scam.

What Is Spare5 And How Does It Work?

The main way the Spare5 App works is by making the user of the application do the small easy-to-do task. These tasks are called Fives. Upon signing up the user needs to give access to the app. These tasks help to teach computers to recognize different things and work better. 

The app might seem complicated but it is very user-friendly. 

The application has a very good user interface. To begin one needs to do a qualifier task as they call it. It is just filling out basic information like name, age, gender location, etc. 

Task Assignments

You will get an assessment task before you can formally begin using the app. You need to pass these tests to get access to the paying tasks. Each task is about 10-15 long. You will not get paid for the test assignment. 

You need to try till you pass to get further access. 

Bonus Tasks

Sometimes you might come across special bonus tasks. There will be separate markings on them. You can earn a bonus on these on the basis of how well you performed the task. 

This is a good opportunity to earn a little extra for the same efforts. Your bonus will be calculated and you will receive an email confirming it. 

Time And Rewards

The more time you can spend the higher you will be able to earn. But you cannot complete tasks one after another. There are limitations on the number of tasks you can complete over the app and earn rewards out of it. For most tasks, you can be paid anywhere between $0.01-$2.0. The highest might be $.50 once in a while. 

Earning is about $8-$12/hour. Payment is made every Friday via the PayPal account given during the login. 

There is no minimum payout over this app. 

How Is Payment Made?

To get paid it is necessary to do the task with proper quality. If the quality of the task is not satisfactory you might end up getting no task. 

Upon the task approval, you can see the balance in your account over the app interface. 

Payment is done through a PayPal account. 

Payment is done once a week and there is no minimum amount of the withdrawal which is a plus point it offers over the other apps. You can increase the minimum payment payout. 


Now we have learnt “Spare5 Review”, Spare5 is a great app that is legit to pocket extra dollars. It also depends highly on your preference about how much time and energy you want to invest in the app. It is worth it if you have spare time in your hand. It is a good app as it is free to join and is available worldwide. Tak will be updated according to the level of proficiency one has. Certainly, it is a great and legit place for making extra money. 

Frequently Asked Question 

 What are the pros of Spare5?

There are a bunch of pros of the app that makes it a desired platform. One is there is no limit on payout while the registration is complete;y free. You earn actual cash. 

You can refer it to your friends to earn extra money by the referral code. 

What are the cons of Spare5?

The application is not available on android. Paypal is the only option. Many tasks are not available. The maximum earning is just $20.

Is spare5 just for the US?

No, applications from all the countries are accepted. Sign-up is very easy. While you can make an account from any part of the world, Paypal is the requirement for the payout which might be a problem in many countries. 

How can I maximize my earnings?

Most tasks are in the US, Canada, and the UK so that might cause a little problem. You can do the task both on the desktop and on your phone. More active members earn more money and log in regularly using both platforms to get these extra tasks. 

Spare5 Review -Know More

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