TCL TV Antenna Not Working Problems – Know More

When you got your new TCL TV antenna, we bet you did not think that you would have to deal with any problems; however, here you are reading this article. Therefore, we can safely deduce that your TCL TV antenna is not working as you expected. To help you out, we have provided some troubleshooting steps that will help you fix any problem you might have encountered with your TCL TV antenna. Let’s Know More About TCL TV Antenna Not Working Problems.

TCL TV Antenna Not Working Problems

Resetting your TV is the common troubleshoot that you can try to fix your TCL TV antenna not working problems. If that fails to resolve the issue, you should confirm that cable connections are in place. 

How to Scan for Channels on TCL TV Antenna

Before you can be sure that your TCL TV antenna has a problem, you need to scan for channels. Therefore, the first thing we will show you is how to scan for channels on a TCL TV antenna. 

To scan channels on a TCL TV antenna, do the following steps:

Step 1: Confirm that you are using the correct tuner mode. In this case, the tuner mode is the antenna. 

Step 2: Press your remote’s “Source” button.

Step 3: Choose “TV”. 

Step 4: Choose “Channel”. 

This option is only available if your TV signal is active. 

Step 5: Select “Channel Scan”. 

Step 6: Choose your Region or Country 

Step 7: Select “Automatic Search” if you want the TV to search automatically for channels. 

Select “Manual Scan” if you want to scan for the channels yourself. 

Step 8: Choose the Tuner mode.

Step 9: Begin the search when you get a prompt to do so. 

Troubleshooting TCL TV Antenna Not Working Problems

After doing the steps above and you can’t get any channel, then you can be certain that your TCL TV antenna is not working. Now, you can try the following troubleshooting to fix the problem:

1. Reset the TCL TV

To reset the TCL TV, do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the TV’s main screen using the remote control.

Step 2: Select Settings.

Step 3: Scroll and select the “System” option. 

Step 4: Choose the “Advanced System Settings”. 

Step 5: Select the “Factory Reset” option. 

Step 6: Press “OK”. 

Step 7: Select the “Factory Reset Everything” option.

This action will display a code on the TV screen.

Note: This code changes whenever a reset is to be performed. Therefore, you cannot use a previous code but the exact code that is currently displayed. 

Step 8: A keypad will appear on the screen where you will enter the initial displayed code. 

Step 9: Press “OK”.

The reset process will then begin.

If this troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the problem, do the next troubleshooting.

2. Confirm that the Cables are in Good Condition and Properly Connected 

An issue with the cables in use is one of the main reasons responsible for TCL TV antenna problems. Therefore, you need to check and confirm that the cables are in good condition and that they are properly connected. 

You can begin this task by verifying that the power that is running into the cable is right and that the input is steady. Confirm that the power cable is properly connected to the power source. 

The next thing is to check for damages on the cables themselves. Bent or frayed wires can affect the performance level and lead to all kinds of problems. 

Finally, check the connection of all the cables. Confirm that they are properly plugged into the correct port and socket. 

If you don’t find any issues while doing the above, do the next troubleshooting. 

3. Get an External Antenna

Getting and setting up an external antenna for your TCL TV might be the only solution to the problem at hand if the solutions we have shared so far failed to resolve the problem. 

To set up an external antenna, our best recommendation is that you get a technician to perform the setup for you to avoid further problems. However, if you consider yourself tech-savvy you can follow the instructions below to perform the setup:

i. Connect a coaxial cable of 75 ohms from the external antenna to the TCL TV’s cable input. 

ii. Plug your TV cable into a wall outlet or any reliable power source. 

iii. Turn on your TV.

iv. With the aid of your TV remote, navigate to the TV’s home screen.

v. Choose antenna TV.

vi. Your TV screen will display some instructions which you have to read. 

vii. Manually enter the time zone of your area if your TV doesn’t do it automatically.

viii. If you are asked, provide additional analog channels.

ix. Allow your TV to run a broadcast scan.

x. The TV will now display the added channels in a dialogue box.

If you still encounter the problem, contact Roku support for further assistance.


If your TCL TV antenna is not working, the solutions to fix this problem include resetting the TV, checking the cables, and setting up an external antenna. In case none of those solutions work, then you have to contact Roku Support to help you fix the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why won’t my TCL TV Pick up Channels?

Your TCL TV won’t pick up channels if the antenna cable is broken, or the direction the antenna is facing is wrong. Furthermore, installation issues can also be responsible for this problem.

  • Why won’t my TCL TV Work?

Your TCLTV won’t work if the remote batteries are dead, some cables are loose, the signal is being blocked, or there is an issue with the power supply. 

TCL TV Antenna Not Working Problems – Know More

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