Ultra-Tune Payment Options – Know More

When it comes to car service in Australia, the Ultra-tune brand takes the spotlight from other competitors. With over 250 service centers established since its inception in 1971. It is ranked the second-largest provider of quality automobile services in Australia. Ultra-tune provides experts and professional services ranging from maintenance, care, and repair of vehicles, Ultra tune has a workforce of highly experienced technicians who work on clients’ cars with precision and professionalism.  Let’s Know More About Ultra-Tune Payment Options.

Ultra-Tune Payment Options

Asides from servicing a client’s car to the total fulfillment of that client, Ultra-Tune also has a highly effective means of receiving payments from clients. The company provides a customer with multiple payment options to clear their bills easily and at their convenience. If you are one of such persons, then you are definitely on the right page.

Payment options one can use to pay for ultra tune services include: Cash, Cards, Afterpay, Zip-pay, Online payment options and others as well. 

Cash Payment 

Ultra-tune receives payment in banknotes forms from clients, however, this form of payment is confined to ultra-tune stores only. All one has to do is to pay a visit to the nearest ultra-tune center to service their vehicles and pay for it at the counter.

Online Payment Options

One can pay for ultra-tune services online through diverse mobile Apps that support ultra-tune payment and through the company’s official website. The online payment options one can pick from are:


Some people may find it difficult to pay all the costs for the services rendered to them by Ultra-tune. Afterpay is specifically designed for such customers.

The idea behind this is to make payments easier, and more convenient for customers. Afterpay platform provides one with the option of paying for Ultra-tune services in installments


Openpay is similar to the Afterpay payment option. If one’s vehicle needs a repair or any form of servicing that costs as little as $25 per week, ultra-tune allows its professionals to service or repair the car. The car owner is then given the option of paying it over time with no interest using Openpay. However, unlike Afterpay, the Openpay payment option is restricted to only participating stores.

American Express

Payment through American Express is equally acceptable by Ultra-tune, this payment option, however, is accepted only at their centers or stores

Fleet Cards

The fleet card is also welcomed at ultra-tune centers for payment by customers.


MasterCard provides credit, prepaid, and debit cards that make payment for goods and services easy and fast. Customers can pay for services offered to them by Ultra tune using their personal Mastercard. The Mastercard can be used to make payments online and offline.


The Humm platform is just like the Afterpay payment option. With Humm, one can receive a service now and pay later with regular and interest-free installments.

Zip pay

The Zip method of payment is also an installment payment option for Ultra-tune. One can pay for services through it at no interest rate for up to 12 months. This is also convenient and helpful to customers


The Visa method of payment is similar to the Mastercard option. It makes for easier and faster payment for customers. It is highly effective and should be explored by anyone who wishes to make payment for ultra-tune services.


An EFTPOS card allows its holder to access funds available in their transactional account. It allows one to electronically withdraw or deposit funds in one’s bank account. It is user-friendly because it helps users not to move about with so much cash. EFTPOS is also an accepted method of payment for ultra-tune service

The aforementioned payment methods are diverse ways one can pay for services received from ultra tune. These payment methods are more effective and user-friendly too.

What Payment Options Are The Best For Ultra-Tune

As much as there are several methods one can use to make payment for Ultra-tune services, there are payment options considered to be the best and most friendly for clients. These options are Zip-pay, Humm, Open Pay, and After pay. 

Why are these options considered the best? 

They are placed above the rung against others because of the convenience and comfort they provide clients with. These options allow a client to pay in installments without having to run into debt. With the installment payment provided to clients by these payment options, a client can ask for bigger services, balance is paid as when due, customers will not be under pressure to clear their bills and this will keep clients at ease, a client also spends smartly with the installments payment packages offered by these platforms. 


Ultra-tune is one of the best places one can get high-quality care, maintenance, and service and repair for one’s vehicle. The nice and high rating review they’ve received over time from customers serves as evidence of their credibility. Asides from servicing and repairing one’s car, they equip one with the right knowledge on how to personally care for one’s vehicle in order to prevent avoidable mistakes. The company’s employees are highly knowledgeable and are experienced to a large extent on vehicles and how to care for them, their customer service is one every car owner would love to have a feel of as well. It is to this end that Ultra-tune is highly recommended and suggested to anyone who cares for the welfare of their car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Payment Options Available At Every Store?

Most of the payment options are in use, but some are not. Some payments are exclusively available to only a few participating stores.

  • Where Can I Make A Booking? 

One can make a booking by paying a visit to an Ultra-tune center or by checking their official website.

  • Where Can Ultra Tune Be Found? 

Ultra-tune car services are located in various locations within Australia. One can get a list of such locations by visiting the Ultra-tune website

  • Are Ultra-Tune Services ?

No, Ultra-tune services are not expensive. The different services offered by the company are affordable and easily accessible to all

Ultra-Tune Payment Options – Know More

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