Where Is Television Headed?-Know More

Over the past decades, television has seen tremendous innovations from black and white TV to today’s high-quality colored TV and now cable networks but where is television headed next?

Where Is Television Headed?

According to the words of top executives in NetFlix, HBO, Comcast, Amazon, and Showtime, today’s streaming service seems to be the future of television although more changes are set to be made in the media and technology industry.

In this article, we will review 5 quotes from the executives of some of the world’s biggest TV companies on where television is headed to.

Cable Networks Vs. Internet TV/ Streaming TV

Before now the hot topic surrounding television innovation seemed to be the invention of colored TV but that seems not to be the case any longer.

The topic today is not just the interesting content on cable networks or the innovations that have taken place in the landscape of television but the shift from cable networks and linear TV to internet TV/streaming TV. 

This might sound confusing to you but don’t worry. We will review what they are next. 

What is Internet TV/ Streaming TV?

Internet TV or streaming TV is the dissemination of television contents over the internet. This is one of the recent innovations and is different from terrestrial TV where content are delivered via cable television.

With this innovation, cable networks are losing customers as more innovations arise in the industry. Netflix and YouTube TV for instance have taken the world by surprise as more people prefer subscribing to these streaming services than watching a program on cable networks. 

What are the advantages of Internet TV and the streaming services that are causing people globally to prefer them to cable networks? 

Advantages of Internet TV (Streaming TV)

One advantage of today’s streaming services over the traditional cable networks is the flexibility it offers to the viewers. Favorite shows and programs can be watched anywhere and anytime. 

Another advantage of today’s internet TV (streaming services) is the freedom it gives to users to watch their favorite programs and shows on-demand rather than the traditional way of watching TV programs at a scheduled time on linear TV. 

What are the executives in the industry saying about the present and future of television?

Quotes from Executives on the Future of Television

We will be looking at some of the words from the big players in the TV industry about the present and future of television. 

CEO of Amazon

The CEO of Amazon spoke about the tremendous change in television today. He highlighted that the change in media and technology which affected the growth of television positively has made the investment in TV high although it opens a lot of possibilities in storytelling. He went on to say that if the new possibilities offered can be mixed with the standards of movie-like production and the top talent in the industry is the reason we are seeing amazing television presently. 

He commented further on the future of television; 

“…We’re in a golden age of television, just five years no top talent will be willing to do TV serials, or… But that’s changed completely.”

Source: Telegraph


“… HBO is of a millennial missile. We think …to earn 10 million broadband…, and that’s largely a millennial audience.”

Source: CNBC

Netflix CEO

The CEO spoke about the tremendous transformation from the regular linear television (the traditional way of watching television programs at the scheduled time) to today’s internet TV and the rivalry between HBO and Netflix which can also contribute to innovations. 

“There have been 80 years of linear TV…The next 20 years will be this present transformation from linear TV to Internet TV.”

Source: New York Times

CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts

“The new live streaming services puts us in the position where we will decide not to be a regular broadcaster…”

Source: Comcast

CEO of Showtime, Matt Blank

“…demand for live online video has been incredible in the past years, … and markets are going … into the streaming business.”

Source: USA Today


We reviewed just five quotes from executives regarding where television is headed and we can come to the conclusion that internet TV is the most recent trend in the industry and many even cable network companies are joining in the trend. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Internet TV?

Internet TV is simply the process of making or delivering television programs and shows to users via the internet. 

Are the Streaming Services Free?

Not all streaming services are free there are some that are paid for but the fact remains, that the cost of streaming a program is lesser than paying for a cable subscription.

Can my internet TV work without an internet connection?

Obviously yes. Your internet TV can work perfectly as a regular TV without having an internet connection. 

Where Is Television Headed?-Know More

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