Chromecast Keeps On Disconnecting

Chromecast is a popular media streamer, used to enjoy content on your TV, but it seems like it’s not immune to issues. In recent weeks, users have been reporting that their Chromecast are disconnecting inexplicably. Both new and old Chromecasts appear to be having this issue. If you’re experiencing problems with your Chromecast, continue reading to find out the solutions to your problem. Firsts let’s talk about why Chromecast Keeps On Disconnecting?

Chromecast Keeps On Disconnecting

If your Chromecast keeps on disconnecting then it might be one of these reasons; a bad WiFi connection, overload of the system, low battery life, network congestion during peak hours, unsupported channel streaming, etc.

Chromecast Issues: 9 Common Problems

If you are having Chromecast issues, it may be one of these. Here are nine common problems that users experience with the device: 

  • You are not able to cast videos or audio from your phone or tablet.
  • The audio or video is choppy or stops intermittently.
  • You cannot cast to a specific device.
  • The network connection is unstable or slow during streaming.
  • Casting from one device to another from a different network doesn’t work.
  • It is not possible to cast photos or videos from the gallery app.
  • The video or audio is choppy or freezes.
  • The Chromecast is not recognized by the device.
  • Movies won’t load from Netflix/ Hulu (or other sources) on Chromecast.

Troubleshooting Tips For Chromecast Disconnecting

If you’re unable to stream content or photos from your Chromecast device, here are some steps that you can follow to resolve the issue. 

  • Make sure that the Chromecast and the devices are chosen for casting are connected by using a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • If you’re using Chromecast with an HDTV, make sure that your devices are within a range of about 20 feet (6 meters) or so.
  • Check your Chrome browser. It may be blocking access to Chromecast-related websites and services. Try to bypass this blockage by blocking ads with dynamic serving.
  • Security features enabled by default on many newer TVs can stop devices like Chromecasts from connecting if not physically plugged into the TV. To override these settings, enable always-on streaming for Chromecasts.
  • When no audio or video is playing over Chromecast, check for a sound coming from your Chrome browser when casting content from websites and whether the ‘cast’ button is blinking on your TV screen. If not, then try resetting your devices by removing the batteries and reinstalling them one at a time.
  • Low battery life in Chromecast can cause frequent disconnections. Ensure your device’s power to stream content wirelessly by checking the Battery Level indicator in Google Play Movies & TV app with a minimum 30% battery life.
  • Avoid streaming video during peak hours as this may increase network congestion and lead to poorer performance overall. 

Cool Uses For Your Chromecast – A Comprehensive Guide

Chromecast is a handy little dongle that can turn any TV into a smart TV. And it has several interesting applications that you might not have known. Some of the best ways to use Chromecast are:

  • Use it to play music from your computer or NAS devices on your TV.
  • Control playback of streaming content from other devices in your home using the Google Home app.
  • From your smartphone or tablet, you can easily cast photos and videos.
  • Mirror your non-HD displays like a smartphone or tablet onto your HD TV with minimal distortion.
  • Enable Chromecast on both your computer and TV to avail streaming. Then open a web browser with Chromecast’s URL. This will launch the Cast interface on your TV to stream any program or movie file that is stored locally (on PC) or online (from services like Netflix).
  • Cast items displayed in Chrome windows without leaving Chrome – thanks to Chrome OS’ built-in casting support.


With Chromecast’s increasing popularity, there have been more reports of it disconnecting randomly. Whether this is an isolated case or a widespread problem, we aimed to provide the readers with some tips on how to avoid this from happening in the first place. If you have some other problems, then you can contact customer service to troubleshoot them.


  1. Why does my Chromecast keep disconnecting when I’m using the internet through my phone or tablet?

It may be the case because your phone’s internet cannot offer the robust connection needed for casting on your TV through Chromecast.

  1. Is it possible to connect your Chromecast device to a different WiFi network?

Yes, it is possible. Test whether your device is connected to the correct network on the Chrome browser.

  1. Should I just stick with my Xbox 360 or buy Chromecast for streaming content?

Xbox 360 and Chromecast have their advantages. But it may be beneficial to buy the Chromecast if you want a compatible TV streaming device.

  1. Why does Chromecast not work with some devices (such as Samsung Smart TVs)?

If your Samsung Smart TV is an older model, it might not be eligible for updates or support from Google thus making it incompatible with Chromecast streaming.

Chromecast Keeps On Disconnecting

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