Does YouTube TV Have PBS? 

We all know that shows are a great source of entertainment in our busy lives and a great conversation starter. If you’re an avid streamer like most, you must be familiar with YouTube TV. YouTube TV is the top premium live TV streaming service that offers more than 85 top channels of entertainment, news, live sports, and more. It is a user-friendly platform where you can select a plan according to your wants and needs easily. Know more about YouTube TV Have PBS

Does YouTube TV Have PBS? 

However, most of us aren’t familiar with PBS or Public Broadcasting Service, mostly because it is available in a few selected places. So what is PBS? PBS can be explained as television and radio programs that are broadcasted to provide information, entertainment, or advice to the public without trying to make a profit. 

PBS gives out programming services to about 350 locally controlled and operated public television stations all over America. It is said to be funded by these member stations, underwriting, and distribution. 

Does YouTube TV have PBS? 

In short, the answer is, yes. Yes, YouTube TV offers PBS and its member channels to stream online. It took a while for it to happen but PBS has stated that over 100 of its member stations including PBS Kids are now streaming live on YouTube TV. Highly on-demand content, live channels on PBS and PBS KIDS, all are now available on YouTube TV for a small amount of money. The channels seem to support DVR as well as on-demand programming along with a live feed available for PBS kids apart from the main local feed. 

Wondering how to access PBS on YouTube TV? Look no further as this article is gonna cover everything you want to know about PBS and YouTube TV, as your guide to entertainment and infotainment. 

To access PBS stations on YouTube, visit the YouTube TV site and enter your zip code at the top of the page. Since this live stream is offered by YouTube TV, all you need to do is subscribe to the YouTube TV service to watch local PBS content available on YouTube TV.

How much does the YouTube TV subscription cost?

 The subscription costs about $49.99/month for 1 membership which includes up to 6 accounts that you can share within your household. 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and subscribe to YouTube TV and binge on quality content like Masterpiece, Ken Burns documentaries, Frontline, and more! Carry your pocket-friendly TV and stream anywhere at any time. Watch your favorite shows on the go. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What kind of content is available for kids?

You can watch Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, Martha Speaks, Super Why! and much more.

  1. What can you watch for News?

For News, you can watch PBS NewsHour Weekend, PBS NewsHour, Brief But Spectacular, and more. 

  1. What kind of plans is available on YouTube TV?

There are two plans offered by YouTube TV, the Base Plan which costs about $64.99/month and covers 6 accounts to share within your household, unlimited DVR space plus options to get more Spanish content for an additional $14.99/month. The other plan is the Spanish Plan where you get over 28 different Spanish networks of live sports, telenovelas, shows, and more just for $34.99/month. This plan too covers 6 accounts to share within your household. 

  1. What kind of content is available for adults?

As an adult, you can watch shows like Masterpiece, Frontline, American Masters, To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbié, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, Endeavor, Great Performances, and others. 

  1. What channels are there on PBS on YouTube TV?

The YouTube subscription covers channels such as Fox, NBC, ESPN, CNN, Univision, MSNBC, NFL Network, TNT, Nickelodeon, and much more available on PBS.

  1. Can you record DVR on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can record DVR on YouTube TV. Add as many programs as you like to your library since YouTube TV includes DVR without storage space limits. You can record and view any program that airs on YouTube TV. The recording doesn’t take up any space on the device you’re streaming from. However, there is a catch. You need to be online i.e. connected to the internet to stream the programs you have recorded. 

  1. How long do the recorded shows stay on your account?

Any show that you have recorded stays on your device for about nine months after which you need to renew it by downloading it once again as YouTube TV will delete the program for you.

  1. How to record a show

 on DVR?

To record any show you want, start by opening YouTube TV and go to the home screen. Now, search for the program that you want to record. Once the program is visible on your screen, click on the plus (+) button to save it to your device. The recording will start automatically. 

Does YouTube TV Have PBS? 

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