Martins Breakfast Hours- Know More

Looking for a good breakfast restaurant that is not only fresh, and healthy, but is a value for money? No one can beat the Martins Restaurants when it comes to freshly made, from the scratch delicacies. Make your mornings more exciting and healthy by enjoying your breakfast at Martins. Now you have no reason to skip your morning meal when you have yummy breakfast choices available. 

Martins has a wide variety of breakfast options to choose from, ranging from a classic bagel to luscious omelets. You can enjoy their amazing hospitality and sumptuous breakfast dishes all day long. This restaurant opens very early and gears up to serve you the breakfast of your time. If it’s a weekend, any national holiday, or even a slow working day, just stop by Martins and start your day on a great note. It is rightly said – A Healthy Mind Resides in a Healthy Body. Martins believe in this saying and offer the best options to keep you healthy. 

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Martins Breakfast Hours

Martins Breakfast Hours

Martin’s breakfast hours vary depending on your location. You need to make a call and confirm the time at which they start serving breakfast. On some special days, they open the breakfast menu up till midnight. Usually, on normal days they start serving breakfast at 6 am up till 11 am. Apart from breakfast, they also have a great variety of food options that run all day long. Their pastries and bagels are available all day long and can be savored at any time of the day. Do not delay any further, wake up and show up at Martins. You will never regret this breakfast and will keep visiting.

Martins Breakfast Menu

Martins offers some great breakfast options including the traditional breakfast of omelet, pancakes, french toast, etc. The breakfast menu options at Martins are listed as follows:

  • Sausages – Gravy Sausage, Smoked Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Steak
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Chicken Filet
  • Country Ham
  • Hash Browns
  • Eggs
  • Mixer Bowl consisting of cheese, eggs, and grit

Nothing can be more satisfying than satisfying your taste buds and kick-starting the day. It has got some best reviews from the customers. They are highly appreciated for their service with a smile, good quality food, and culinary expertise. Their food has great nutritional benefits as well.

Martins Restaurant Prices

Here comes the important part, i.e. cost. We all want to get the best at the most affordable prices and Martins serves just that! It has a great variety of breakfast plates starting from $2.53 to $4.76. This cost includes two scrambled eggs, butter, and biscuits. Isn’t this a great deal? 

Its menu includes other amazing options like Sandwiches, ranging from $5.70 to $8.00; Burgers and Hamburgers in the range of $6.00 to $8.70; Hot Dogs ranging from $4.60 to $5.26. Martin offers the best in both quality and price. So, without any more thoughts, head for Martin’s breakfast menu. 

About Martins

Martins is a growing company that has the vision to grow as the best in the food industry. Their menu consists of items that are prepared from scratch and are freshly served. Their specialties include biscuits, chicken, bagels, sausage varieties, egg varieties, and much more. 

Martins also works toward the community, churches, and schools. They also organize events like sports competitions, dance competitions, beauty pageants, etc. They follow all the covid protocols as well and ensure that the area is well sanitized and the staff is fully vaccinated.

Martins is well known for its good food, hospitality, music, and ambiance.


If you are looking for the most delicious and quickest breakfast, then head over straight to Martin’s Restaurant and enjoy your breakfast. Their luscious menu has bagels, muffins, croissants, eggs, sausages, and much more. Now, no skipping breakfast on holidays. Be lazy, don’t cook, and land at Martin’s Restaurant. Your tastebuds will thank you for this yummy treat. 


Q1. Are kids allowed at Martins Restaurants?

  1. Yes, kids are heartily welcomed at Martins. There is a special menu for the kids that has their favorite dishes. 

Q2. Is the breakfast menu at Martins available all through the day?

  1. Yes, the breakfast Menu at Martins is available all day long. 

Q3. Do Martins offer gift cards?

  1. Yes, you can buy a Martins gift card at any location. These gift cards are ideal to give as a birthday present, a Thankyou present, or to be used for any special occasion.

Q4. Do they have any exotic adventurous items on their menu?

  1. Yes, Martins offers some exotic dishes to savor on their menu like Chorizo Omelet or Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Q5. Is this a no-smoking restaurant?

  1. Smoking is injurious to health. Hence, Martins is a no-smoking restaurant and doesn’t encourage anyone to smoke even outside the premises of Martins. They believe in staying healthy, just like the food they serve.
Martins Breakfast Hours- Know More

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